Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship is pleased to announce his partnership with Vetericyn.

An American‐based company, Vetericyn offers an array of animal wound and infection treatment

products that are as safe as water and designed to mimic the actions of the animal’s own immune

system to heal wounds and fight infections.

“I am excited to welcome Vetericyn to Downunder Horsemanship,” Clinton says. “It’s a product I truly

believe in. It’s safe and simple to use, it doesn’t sting my horses’ wounds and best of all, it works.”

Vetericyn is steroid‐free and antibiotic‐free, which makes it an ideal product to treat show animals as it

tests free. The unique solution starts healing from the inside out and does not harm healthy tissue so it

will not leave a scar. Vetericyn can be used to treat scratches, rain rot, cinch fungus, ringworm, cuts, eye

infections, skin rashes, skin ulcers, skin infections, abscess sites, burns, hot spots, outer ear infections,

post‐surgical sites and respiratory tract associated infections.

Clinton first discovered Vetericyn last spring when a filly on his ranch injured herself, cutting her face

from just below her eye to her nose. He was given Vetericyn to try and was instantly amazed at the

results. “Since it the solution is literally as safe as water, I was able to easily apply it near the delicate

facial area. It didn’t sting her or irritate the wound more. In fact, how fast Vetericyn went to work

healing the wound was unbelievable. It was the only product I used on the filly at the time and I’m

happy to say that she is now healed and looking good,” Clinton says.

For additional information on Vetericyn, visit their website at To purchase please

call (888) 287‐7432 or visit

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