Microbial Inhibition Report

In solution, the preservative in Vetericyn VF Plus may inhibit the growth of micro-organisms


Advanced Hypochlorous Technology

Vetericyn® VF Plus products, with hypochlorous technology, are the next generation of wound and skin solutions. These pH-balanced wound and skin products are used for cleansing, irrigating and debriding wounds, setting the stage for optimal healing conditions. Vetericyn VF Plus is as safe as it is effective.


Does not sting or sensitize

No ocular irritation

No oral toxicity


OrganismsTheoretical Inculum Concentration per mL of Test ArticleMicrobial Reduction (15 seconds)
K. pneumoniae1.32 x 10799.99999 %
E. faecalis4.10 x 10799.99999 %
S. aureus MRSA6.55 x 10799.99999 %
S. epidermidis5.80 x 10799.99999 %
A. baumannii8.50 x 10799.99999 %
S. aureus8.75 x 10799.99999 %
P. aeruginosa5.20 x 10799.99999 %
E. coli8.90 x 10799.99999 %
C. albicans2.30 x 10799.99999 %