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Customer Quotes... Continued

These quotes below are submitted and provided by our customers.

Lisa C.

Animal Treated: Horse

Started Dusty my horse with regular Vetericyn Wound & Infection Treatment under bandage but the horse kept ripping the bandage off. I switched to HydroGel spray twice daily. I love Vetericyn. This foot wound was impossible to keep clean but it never got infected thanks to your product. In addition, it has healed without developing proud flesh. Thanks for your amazing Wound & Infection Treatment. I recommend it to all my horse loving friends!

Deborah M.

Animal Treated: Goat

My Nigerian Dwarf Goat, pregnant doe had an abscess verified pasturella mulitcida bacteriaabscess on her throat. It was lanced by vet x two, pus filled serology showed pasturella multicida, for two weeks I followed vets recommendation of flushing with peroxide and iodine no real change and penicillin suggested, being pregnant I did not want to use antibiotics and decided to use Vetericyn gel only to flush the abscess in 1 day the swelling was down and very little pus, day two more improvement.

Reba A.

Animal Treated: Dog

I had a great opportunity to try Vetericyn against oral antibiotics. Ziva was pregnant and I refused to use antibiotics for her ringworm. But I used the oral antibiotic on Jasper. Both outbreaks of ring worm were very similar and happened almost at the same time. Ziva healed quicker than Jasper. I am sorry I did not take pictures or chart it so I could be more precise but if anything similar happens I will.

Geordie R.

Animal Treated: Horse

After loaning my 3 year old quarter horse filly out to a friend she came back with severe saddle sores on both sides of her withers and on the top. The sore on the top of her withers abscessed and became infected. After a trip to the vet I started her on a twice daily Vetericyn routine. I am so incredibly pleased with the results after just one week!!! Thank you so much Vetericyn!

Lanesha S.

Animal Treated: Horse

Our 5 month old filly had a sheet of plywood fall when we were building our barn when it fell it hit her front right leg taking all the skin and hair off but it didn't get into the muscle. We immediately washed it started using the hydro gel and wrapping it after a week I got worried and took her on to vet at this time he cut all the extra skin off gave her a antibiotic shot and doctored it with the Vetericyn VF sent her home and told us to leave it unwrapped and continue to treat with the Vetericyn 2 a day within a few days it had already started to scab and is now fully healed and looks great. We have also used this on our old mare who got ulcers in her eye and after taking her to the vet the eye medicine they gave me she wouldn't let us put in so we started using the Vetericyn and it cleared up great. We keep a bottle in the barn and one in the trailer this is a wonderful miracle medicine.

Rebecca S.

Animal Treated: Horse

My mare KC severely lacerated her front left pastern and heel on barbed wire that was hidden in our lower pasture on November 26, 2010. The laceration was deep and wide (you could fit two fingertips into the opening), narrowly missing the tendon sheath but intersecting the coronet band. She required 3 sutures to close the wound, 3 grams of Bute to manage the pain, cold-hosing and pressure wrapping to keep the swelling down, silver coat spray to lessen the risk of infection, and daily soaking in a wound care solution in an attempt to speed up the healing.

When the vet came out to check on her progress on December 12, 2010, none of us were very happy with how things were going and KC was absolutely miserable. The wound wasn't healing like it should have, and he mentioned that if things didn't improve soon, we may have to bring her in to the clinic for surgery to remove the dying flap of skin that was hanging off the side of her foot.

There was also talk that because the wire had cut into the coronet band, that she would be at a high risk of developing a quarter crack that would require special shoeing. After examining the wound thoroughly, he gave us a bottle of Vetericyn spray, told us to stop using the silver coat and soak for a week, and told us to call him if anything changed. So we did, and we saw results almost immediately.

By the next afternoon, the swelling was completely down, there was no heat in the foot, and the coloring had improved in the wound. We continued to use the spray as directed, and before the week was out, KC's limp had lessened considerably (she could barely walk beforehand), granulated tissue was forming correctly, the flap of skin that we were initially worried about had detached on its own, and we were able to cut her down from 3 grams of Bute a day to half a gram.

When I took the photo of her injury on January 28, 2011, she was completely off of pain medication, had no sign of lameness, and no proud flesh. We continue to treat the scar tissue with Vetericyn once a day, and it's shrinking by the week. And the best news? Absolutely no signs of a quarter crack or weakened hoof wall.

Theresa K.

Animal Treated: Horse

Festus received a bite on his thigh by "something wild", possibly a feral cat. The bite was as big as a silver dollar and nearly down to the muscle. I sprayed the area 3x a day with Vetericyn. Within 3 days the wound was cleanly healing. Within 9 days it was healthy and pink and completely closed.

Our 15 yr. old gelding "Cotton-eyed Joe" had a deep wire cut on his fetlock. Again we sprayed 3x a day and within 10 days the wound was closed. Our 7 yr. old Aussie "Curly Blue" has always had recurring ear problems - itchy ear and nothing the vet prescribed came close to relieving him much less solving the problem. This has gone on for at least 6 YEARS. Three months ago I began spraying his ears with Vetericyn and from the very first day the ear problem was gone. Here at the Bar X horse ranch we use Vetericyn for every pet and stock problem we have. It has never failed us. We call it our miracle spray. Our sincere thanks to all of you at Vetericyn for helping things run smoothly around here. I tell everyone I know.

Heather A.

Animal Treated: Horse

Vetericyn spray was used 1x daily for the first week along with oral antibiotics. Treated melanoma removal surgery on chest with Vetericyn about every other day for the next 10 days, then about every 3rd day for the next 10 days and then about once a week after that.

This was my first experience using Vetericyn for something BIG. I was impressed with its effectiveness on normal every day scrapes, so there was no question I would be using Vetericyn to help my horse's wound heal after her surgery to remove a softball sized tumor from her chest. After the first bottle of Vetericyn spray was gone, I started using Vetericyn spray gel. It worked really well to keep the area extra protected as she was put back into the pasture with the other horses after about a month. After 6 weeks you can hardly tell she had surgery!

Loyd S.

Animal Treated: Horse

Recently our mare received a kick from one of the other horses that split open her leg deeply. Our vet said the reason it could not be stitched was being a compression wound and the flesh was dying all around the area. We were afraid due to the damage that the horse may not be able to be ridden for at least 6-12 months if we were lucky. We started treating with the spray morning and night and within 3 days I had seen remarkable improvement. At the end of week I was actually seeing new hair growth in the area. Within 2 weeks the area is almost all healed, she no longer has a limp and we have started light arena riding for conditioning. Vetericyn is the best product I have ever found for treating wounds on big animals

Becky B.

Animal Treated: Horse

I am a firm believer in the healing power of this product. The night my gelding did this we had the vet out to check it as it was a gruesome head wound - nearly an inch and a half wide by four to five inches long. We decided it best to leave it open rather then stitch it as we were afraid to close it up being a dirty wound. He told me to keep it as clean as I could and put a dressing on it. He recommended Vetericyn and a few other products. The next morning we bought our first bottle of Vetericyn. We have a shelf full of salves and dressings - but they all are goopy and clumpy or tend to drip and run - being so close to his eyes we wanted something that would go on and stay put. All I can say is wow... The spraygel stuck to the wound with no problem and being a spray it was handy - in less than a month the wound has closed up and the hair is nearly all grown back. There is just a slight bit of pink skin where it is closed and I am sure in the next week it will be gone. There has never been any infection in the wound and it has healed faster and cleaner then any product out there. I love this product. I will recommend it to everyone I know!! Thank you!!!

Winifred M.

Animal Treated: Bird

Our goose (Goosey Lucy) and duck (Quack-Quack) were attacked by two dogs. The duck was killed and Goosey was gravely injured - the meat across her back was missing and thigh and leg bones as well as some of her back bone was exposed. I had Vetericyn on hand because I have horses and immediately started spraying her (she is greatly loved by our grandchildren). I discontinued the pain and antibiotic meds as it was causing her more trauma and sprayed her with Vetericyn 5-6 times daily and sometimes more. She was confined to my horse trailer for safety and we wrapped her in blankets at night to keep her warm. We started this on January l, 2011 and she caught on real quick to the procedure. She would walk over to the corner of the trailer and put her head down in the straw while I lifted each wing to spray - all without holding her - obviously she is a very sweet goose! She was completely healed in six weeks even to the point of growing feathers! Everyone kept telling me I was wasting my time and money because she couldn't possibly live - but Goosey and I fooled them. Obviously, I couldn't turn her out again because the dogs could and probably would return. I was lucky enough to be able to donate her to the Austin zoo where she is happily living with Homer the Homeless Goose (who happens to be probably the ugliest goose I have ever seen but he does have beautiful blue eyes!) I waited until last week to check on her and was told Goosey and Homer were very happy together. They also thanked me for bringing them a gentle goose - they have three others who are quite mean! Hooray for Vetericyn - I tell everyone about it.

UPDATE: Just wanted to give you an update - We went to check on Goosey two wks after taking her to live at Austin zoo - she has gained all her weight back and appears to have total feather re-growth Thanks again for a great product!

Linda K.

Animal Treated: Horse

We sprayed the area 3 times a day on stream. Reason being it had a hole on top and hole at bottom of wound. We streamed Vetericyn in top hole and it came out bottom hole, therefore we were getting Vetericyn completely in wound and flushing. Vetericyn is amazing. We have been using it for several months now on cuts and lacerations and it works better than anything we have used before. In our opinion, we do not need anything else. We have also used it on our dogs for hot spots. Usually only 1 application does the job.

Darcy D.

Animal Treated: Horse

We cleaned the wound once per day for 30 days with warm water, cleaned away all scabs and dead skin, and applied Vetericyn Spray Gel. We did not administer any antibiotics or other wound treatment. Within 30 days the wound began to naturally close and shed off the damaged tissue. I have encountered similar wounds in the past on other horses and had to clean the wound 3-4 times a day, apply cleansing scrubs, ointments, and bandages over a couple months time to achieve the results this mare did in less than a month with Vetericyn Spray Gel. I only had to clean the wound once a day and spray on the Vetericyn and I was done! I was astounded to see the wound heal so fast and I am a firm believer now in the healing properties of Vetericyn. This will be the first thing I reach for every time one of my animals need first aid care!

Hanna P.

Animal Treated: Pigs

I was not sure if the Vetericyn would work when I bought it at our local feed store. I was really pleased with the product. I had a litter of piglets born with a skin genetic problem and it kept infection away and healed with great results.

Lori E.

Animal Treated: Dog

Our dog, Gunter, was diagnosed by our Veterinarian with a skin staph infection. We tried three courses of oral antibiotics for 6 months and as soon as the antibiotics were done the infection came back. I finally decided to try a change in his diet. I went to a local pet store to get some help selecting a different dog food. We tried an all natural food. This only upset his stomach. When I returned she asked what was wrong with the dog. When I told her she recommended Vetericyn. She said that a customer recommended she carry it and why. I started using it immediately. I saw a difference in the coloring of his skin as well as his comfort level. His skin would crawl when you would touch him due to the itching and how sensitive his skin was. Within two weeks of using the product his skin was clear and his fur had grown back. That was three months ago and the staph infection has not returned. This is a great product. I would recommend it to anyone. If your pet is suffering it cannot hurt to try it and I feel you will be pleased with the results.

Nancy C.

Animal Treated: Dog

My 17 year old Beagle, April, has developed a large concentrated area of non-cancerous growth on her head just before her ear that continually gets scratched and opened. I tried many things like creams and ointments that were too greasy and messy and tended to attract and retain dirt and become itchy. She would scratch it which opened a wound and it would ooze and bleed until it healed over. I decided to try the Vetericyn Spray I was using on my horse's rain rot and within 5 days the open sores on my dogs head began to heal and within 10 it had developed a new surface and was no longer oozing or bleeding. I'll use it every time from now on!

Marc B.

Animal Treated: Dog

When I found the weird raw spot on my dog's back, I freaked. I made a Vet appointment for the next morning. I took a picture of it because my dog's coat is so thick that I wanted to make sure I could find it quickly and track any changes. I sprayed it with the Hydro Gel wound treatment 3 times that day, and when I got to the Vet's office, it was gone. There was no after picture to take because it was gone! If I hadn't taken the picture, my vet wouldn't have believed me. A few weeks later, I discovered a terrible raw rash on Dozer's inner thigh. I had a Vet appt in a few days, so I decided not to panic. I sprayed the area with the Wound & Infection Gel 3 times/day and by the following morning there was a significant improvement. When I took him to the vet, (3 days from onset) it was nearly gone. My Vet looked at the pictures and was amazed. She told me that if she had seen him on day 1, she would have given him 14 days worth of antibiotics! Thank you so much. This product is amazing! I feel so much better being able to treat a skin problem without having to stress my dog's immune system.

Susan O.

Animal Treated: Horse

My horse, Riley, came down with Pigeon Fever in October of last year. The last wound on his leg was not healing even with antibiotics. I started using your product the wound finally healed.

Elaine P.

Animal Treated: Horse

Sprayed Nugget three times a day for 6 days and fungus was cleared up completely on 7th day. No other product was used. This yearling was born in the wild when his mother was let loose with 5 others because of her owners neglect. The herd was adopted out and Nugget stayed at the ranch here to keep my colt company. Nugget is very shy and still doesn't trust people, the spray was a great option since he did not want me to touch his nose. Nuggets nose healed up perfectly and he is not the fun-guy horse anymore. Thank you!

Jill C.

Animal Treated: Cat

I fostered a mom kitty and 5 babies who all came up with ringworm 10 days ago. I talked to the Shelter manager who suggested we put them all to sleep. I was determined to keep them at my house until treatment was way or the other! After ONE WEEK of spraying each kitty lightly and rubbing it in all over the entire body everyday...only once a day....all kitties are now ringworm free. I admit that at first I balked at the price of the Vetericyn....but never again!! This will be the cure of choice for the Shelter and will save countless lives!! Thank You Vetericyn!! Jill C.  

Linda B.

Animal Treated: Dog

My dog Jack was attacked by 3 large dogs. After his initial surgery he developed severe gangrene and required a second surgery. Shortly after his second surgery his surgical incision began opening back up because the surgeon had to remove so much tissue. There was not enough tissue left to close completely.

Jack was then referred to another animal hospital which specialized in wound care. There he was hospitalized for a week and received hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy twice daily. At the end of that week he was allowed to come home for home care. The doctors advised that Jack would probably still need a third surgery after some further healing occurred.

I was familiar with Vetericyn because I had previously used it on a horse with Pigeon Fever. It had worked wonders. With permission from his doctors, I applied Vetericyn spray to his wound 3 times a day, in addition to warm compress and his oral antibiotics.

When we returned for his recheck, the doctors were so impressed with his progress that they thought he might avoid a third surgery. At his second recheck, the doctor removed his stitches and scabs and was delighted to see nice soft pink skin under his scabs. Jack had healed so well that he did not even require another stitch!

I had even brought my bottle of Vetericyn spray in to show the doctor and he said that they would be ordering a case for their hospital.

We're so thankful that Vetericyn helped us to avoid a third surgery. Jack's medical bills already had exceeded $5400. That bottle of Vetericyn saved us $2000. Jack's healing exceeded expectations. Today Jack is playful and happy, and only has a little bald spot on his side where his wound was.

Anna Marie Vail

Animal Treated: Horse

When my mare came in from the field with this cut it made me sick. I have seen many cuts like this and they always leave behind huge, deforming scars. This mare is so nice I just couldn't believe it had happened. I tried wrapping it on and off for 3 weeks. I could not get it passed a certain point, which was ugly. My sister in law suggested Vetericyn and I had seen the commercials so I tried it. Unbelievable what this product can do. I'm sold and I want everyone out there to know how great this is. Thank you for making such an ugly situation not a situation at all anymore! And letting my mare have the wonderful conformation she was born with, stay with her!

Marsha Hartford-Sapp

Animal Treated: Horse

I began using Vetericyn on my two "Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover" horses in July, after battling with skin issues for over 4 weeks using other products. Being wild horses, and living in Colorado, the adjustment to our Florida summer was difficult on their skin. My smaller gelding, "Frodo Baggins" developed an odd fungus from his neck to behind his shoulder and down the front legs. The Vetericyn cleared it up quickly and efficiently. The larger of the two horses, Cobra, developed the worst case of scratches I had seen in some time, on the back of both pasterns. The fungus was raw and scabbing, and even with cleaning daily and applying other products, it was not improving. I was concerned I would not clear it up in time for the show only 4 weeks away. After using the Vetericyn, (which was far easier than the daily scrubbing I had been doing), the scratches cleared remarkably well, with no more scabbing in a week, and healthy skin and hair regrowth at the end of the second week. When I packed my equipment for the Fort Worth show, I was certain to pack my Vetericyn in my tack trunk.

I have continued to use the product for my string of lesson horses, including the horses we use for the FSU Equestrian team.

Linda S.

Animal Treated: Dog

Our champion boxer's son, age 7, developed an ear flap hematoma after scratching ear due to a yeast infection. I bought Vetericyn to try, as only other option would be a draining /surgery. The product cleared up the yeast issue, and the hematoma, which was sore and was a bloody mess from his scratching, was treated twice daily, along with spraying in ear canal to treat the yeast issue. I massaged the ear several times a day, while playing. The yeast cleared first, then the skin and ear color lost its redness, and gradually, the ear flap drained and healed, no infection, and is now normal. I know this works, as our last dog with this had the surgery, and it was unsuccessful, and left his ear deformed. HAD I known about this product then, it would have saved our older boxer much pain and discomfort. I use this on ALL my boxers now, and have many success stories, from anti infection to hot spots, to anti WORKS, and its painless for the dogs!!!

Cindy B.

Animal Treated: Dog

I have a teacup chihuahua over 13 years old. For the last 5 or 6 years she would scratch herself until the skin was raw. She lost almost all of her hair. She looked like a mexican hairless. The vet said it was due to allergies and there was not much to do about it except steroids. I had tried all the oils, creams and sprays I could find over the past 5 years, nothing helped. I decided to use some Vetericyn I had on hand for the horses. I sprayed Skeeter one or twice a day, within a few days I could see new hair growth. Within a month she had all her hair back. The redness from the scratching disappeared almost immediately. She does not mind the spraying as it is like spraying with water. I wish I would have taken before pictures, because no one would believe what this product has done for her. I will always keep a bottle of Hot Spot spray onhand from now on. Thank you very much for this great invention.

Ryan S.

Animal Treated: Horse

I have never submitted a testimonial of any kind before, but felt in this case I just had to given the genuinely unbelievable results we had using your product. My 8-year-old daughter Olivia is a youth competitor in both NBHA and KWHA barrel racing. Her entire life revolves around Labor Day weekend which is the KWHA State Finals - an event she spends the whole year accumulating points for in order to compete in. This year, exactly 10 days before the competition, her horse was kicked by another horse and received a horrific 8+ inch gash on her right rear leg. We rushed her to the Vet who promptly went to work on her. After several hours, over 100 stitches, and 37 staples the Vet informed us this horse would be in no condition to compete for at least 5-6 weeks minimum. Knowing we needed a miracle and had nothing to lose, we decided to just see how healed up we could get this horse in 10 days using Vetericyn (which we had used on previous yet much less severe injuries with great success). We began a daily ritual of applying Vetericyn VF and rewrapping her leg. Each time we removed the bandage we were amazed at the remarkable healing that had taken place. On Day 3, some of the staples were already beginning to heal over. By Day 5 the wound had a firm scap and about half of the staples had been healed over. By Day 10 you could no longer see any of the staples and for all intents and purposes the wound was completely healed. The horse never once had any swelling or heat in the leg and never once showed any sign of pain or favoring. We had the Vet come out to examine her on Day 10 and he could not believe his eyes. He gave her an all-clear to race that Day and Olivia ended up taking 1st Place in Speed Barrels at the show. Thank you so much for your wonderful product. It truly did save both the horse, the day, and my daughter's entire year. We now recommend Vetericyn to everyone we meet and whenever possible tell them the amazing results we've had. Thank you again!

Becky R.

Animal Treated: Horse

I love this product. One of my yearlings went over a barbed wire fence and was cut across the forearm approx. 4 inches across and was gapped open 1 1/2 inches. It did not tear into the muscle, but had obviously happened a couple of days before we found the wound. My vet couldn't suture due to the time frame since the occurrence of the injury and he suggested I use Vetericyn. I will admit I was pretty skeptical about the product at first since it looked like water, but I used it and WOW! What a great product - It was so easy to use and actually cleans as it heals. At this point the wound is visibly healing quickly and I anticipate very little scarring if any. He also had some surface abrasions on the front of his hock and these healed in about 7 days! Thanks again for a great product. It will remain in my trailer and on a shelf in my feed room.

Lorraine L.

Animal Treated: Horse

My horse (age 8) had a sarcoid tumor come up on him. It was where his leg meets his chest. I was told that they get larger if messed with so not to touch them. I talked to vets, horsemen, and anyone else who had advice for me to get rid of this thing. Of course everyone I spoke with said all horses don't respond to the same thing and some don't respond to anything. I watched the video on RFD and decided to try your product. It was better than surgery or implanting radiation seeds. Plus it would only be $35. My vet said it just wouldn't work but keep a watch on it and if it got bigger we would remove it surgically. Well, it got bigger but I was hesitant on removing it because enough people that had done that the tumor reapperaed but even larger. So..... I bought the Vetericyn and sprayed on the tumor everyday and sometimes twice a day but NEVER touched or messed with the tumor. Now after one small bottle of Vetricyn. I am proud to say that the sarcoid tumor is GONE. Not a trace of that tumor is left. In my opinion that stuff is truly a MIRACLE. All praises to Vetricyn.

David O.

Animal Treated: Horse

We have a 4 yr old Percheron mare that got tangled in the high tensile fence the fence post held the wire while she pulled her rear leg to get it free she finally snapped the wire and cut her leg to the tendons. we took her to a vet he had her for 7 months with not very promising results. I came across your product on line and thought we would take a chance and try it - your product is absolutley amazing. I never expected the results we got I would have been impressed with just half the result we got. I would like to thank you for making such an amazing product. It literally saved our horses life.

Becky H.

Animal Treated: Horse

I just bought my new show mare on May 3rd. After showing her the fencelines for several days in a row I decided to turn her out on Mother's Day May 10th for awhile. She got too excited, or didn't remember the fenceline. The next thing I knew she was thrashing around in the fence. What I saw when I got to her terrified me. I didn't dream I would be able to show her this season at all. My trainer told me about Vetericyn and I treated with it immediately. I watched in awe as the wound began to close up. To my amazement we were able to show the weekend of June 5th, winning 3 out of 4 of our classes! This is the most amazing product I have seen. I will NEVER be without it in the barn...

Pat F.

Animal Treated: Horse

I purchased Vetericyn for normal cuts and scrapes, however, for about one year, my horse has had a runny eye. My vet did not see anything wrong, thus, his eye had been runny ever since. I was able to spray Vetericyn in his eye the first time with no problem. Then he knew what was going to happen (didn't like it of course), and was able to spray him once or twice more. After about a week, his eye has dried up and it is no longer pink. Works great! Also use it for minor cuts-works very well.


Animal Treated: Horse

My mare initially presented with a laceration on the back of her right hind cannon bone, just below the lower hock joint. She was treated with twelve stitches, bute and antibiotics. The next day she developed a bad case of cellulits and was taken in to the hospital. Doctors did a distal limb perfusion and she was put on IV antibiotics for the next 5 days.

As her bandage changes were done in the mornings, I wasn't able to see the wound until I went to pick her up exactly one week after dropping her off. Due to the cellulitis and excessive swelling, the stitches didn't hold and a bunch of the tissue surrounding the laceration had become necrotic, leaving a wound much larger than it had originally been. It was approximately three and a half by one and a half inches, and deep enough to feel the tendon. I was horrified and incredibly disappointed as this mare is my heart horse and an incredible athlete.

I purchased a bottle of Vetericyn that day, and started using it immediately. I was a bit hesitant to spend $37 on a bottle of "special water" but was in that frame of mind where I needed to do something! We sprayed the wound with Vetericyn and soaked a gauze pad in it which created a wet-to-dry type bandage that would debride the wound upon changing it.

One day after the initial use of Vetericyn and already wound looked cleaner and the serum looked different. The tissue looked pinker and healthier, compared to the greyish and swollen tissue that I saw the day before. I had been told to expect proud flesh to have to be taken off at a later date, but the wound continued to shrink and the proud flesh is only present in a small corner and keeps shrinking.

Ten days after using Vetericyn, the wound is almost 100% superficial and my mare has been cleared to return to full work, a full week before it was estimated that she would be able to! In fact, it looks so good and is healing so quickly our sights are set for the 5-day 260 mile endurance ride at the end of September! When I first saw the wound after her hospital stay, I never, ever though that would have been possible.

While it is difficult to say how she would have healed without the product, I definitely feel that her healing has been ahead of the estimated healing-curve, and really wish I would have started treating it with Vetericyn earlier!

While the wound is not yet 100% healed, the pictures speak for themselves of the healing process. At this rate, she should be healed in about one more week and shouldn't even scar! Thank you for a safe and effective product!


Animal Treated: Cat

I was very skeptic at first. I had originally went to the local feed store to purchase an antibotic ointment that I found out had been on back order for almost a year. The owner recommended this product. I almost passed on the purchase and thought I'll just break down and take my cat to a local vet-which I really didn't have the funds for. I am so glad I didn't go the vet route. I know from previous experience, I spent over $100 for a vet visit for the same condition, that required a visit and additional eye ointment. Since I just bought the eye gel, I am going back to buy one of the spray bottles to have on hand. When I check on her nine hours after the first application, I could tell she felt so much better and she was letting me know she did. I wish now I would have took before and after pictures, because her eyes were matted and draining with yellow and green puss-she could barely hold her eyes open. After Vetericyn use she is very bright eyed and healthy!


Animal Treated: Horse

After talking with MANY vets and professional horse people no one had anything good to say about a sarcoid tumor and everyone had a different rememdy suggestion but nothing that was promise worked. In fact the more I heard about treating the tumor the more I realized it could come back even larger. I thought, what have I got to lose? I used the Vetricyn and the tumor shrunk up and fell off. It has not been over 60 days since the tumor has gone and no sign of it even beginning to grow back. I am so thrilled with your product until people say I should do an advertisment for you. I have absolutely told everyone I know about this product. My friends are now using this for rain rot (we live in Florida - lots of rain) and it is killing the fungus in 3 days. Hats off to your wonderful miralce for horses and dogs!!

Susan G.

Animal Treated: Dog

I was at my witts end. I couldn't get this skin problem cleared up on my dog. It was spreading so fast on her body, that I couldn't keep up and the vet was no help, even with all the medication. I came upon Vetericyn while shopping one day and thought I'd give it a try. The first time I used it, I noticed a difference on the skin. The sores stopped spreading and everytime I'd call her, she would see the bottle and come running. She'd lay right down, roll over, feet in the air and couldn't wait for me to spray her skin problem. With constant persistance everyday for 2 and half months, the skin problem is finally gone. Thank you Vetericyn, without this, I don't know what kind of shape my dogs skin would be in. All I know that is that Vetericyn helped to clear up the skin problem that the vet couldn't.

Mark W.

Animal Treated: Horse


Kim D.

Animal Treated: Horse

I sprayed my horses infected areas (neck, chest, face and ear) 2 times a day and after 3 days the area was clear and new hair growth was alredy in place. The infected areas have not returned and its been 3 weeks since I used this. I love this product. I would highly recommed this product to anyone and plan on keeping this product in hand year round.

Deb F.

Animal Treated: Dog

Our dog had a deep incision on his side from running into a metal blade when he was running. We took him to the veterinary and they put stitches on the inside and 25 staples on the outside. They told us to bring him back in 10 days to have staples taken out,so we did. Within 4 hours of them being taken out the incision was gashed back open. Where the incision was everytime he laid or sit, it would spread wide open. We love our dog but we didn't have another $300.00 to take him back to the vets. We had seen Vetericyn advertise on RFD TV and kept saying we should buy a bottle just to have on hand beings that we live on a farm and have dogs and goats, but we never did. So I got online and found a place about 45 minutes aways that sold it. We started using it immediately and was amazed what just a couple days of use did for the incision. It did not burn when I put it on. I would recommend for anybody that has animals to purchase a bottle of Vetericyn just to have on hand. I will be honest I was skeptical at first, but I seen it work on my own pet. Our bottle is actually loaned out to a friend right now, because they seen how well it worked on our dog, and their dog just got an injury.

Diane W.

Animal Treated: Horse

The vet made a 4" cut in the mare's neck to remove a 1 1/8 inch long piece of fence board. He couldn't stitch the wound because he was afraid it would abcess. He flushed it with vet strength Vetericyn and I sprayed it twice a day with my Vetericyn. Antibiotics were given orally for 5 days due to the wood being imbedded for six days. We thought originally the mare had been kicked. It is almost completely healed in just 7 days.

I have never had a wide open wound heal so quickly and without complications on my horse. When the vet, Dr. Larry Britt, cut the wood splinter out, he was concerned about some clear fluid that poured out. I explained that I had begun squirting Vetericyn into the small entrance hole and apparently it had remained. He couldn't believe her neck wasn't infected after six days with the splinter. It was because I had forced the Vetericyn into to wound via the entry way of the splinter.

Shari B.

Animal Treated: Horse

The strap had rubbed our horse, Covergirl, raw and when I found it, I removed the blanket and immediately sprayed the place that morning. By that evening, the redness had died down a lot. I continued to spray for 3 days, morning and night and by then I saw that the sore had a crinkly look. That was the skin starting to separate from the sore, like a scab coming off. I stopped spraying at that time and in a few more days, it was looking great. I swear by this product even though this was my first use.

Robyn E.

Animal Treated: Dog

Our golden mix chewed hot spot so badly became a large open sore on back leg. Vets treated w/antibiotics, cortisone inj, shampoos, etc. No complete healing. Within 3 days of 2-3 squirts, 2x day, the wound is now healed and hopefully will have hair growth again soon. thank you thank you thank you. We've just ordered our own bottle with many thanks to Dewey and Charley for sharing this wonderful product with us.

Bob and Pat W.

Animal Treated: Horse

We gelded 20 head of young colts, as luck would have it, they were messing around and one ended up going through the barb wire fence. He was cut from head to toe, but most seriously on his front leg. He had a six inch gash on his cannon bone practically to the bone, cut the coronet band into the hoof and the pastern. We used cold water therapy, sprayed the areas with Vetericyn and bandaged daily for approximately 30 days. There was NO proud flesh and it healed beautifully. I didn't take pictures before hand, but I can assure you, this product made a believer out of all of us. We own over 150 head of foundation bred quarter horses and Vetericyn is a permanent product in our tack room and medicine closet! Thanks!!!

Laura M.

Animal Treated: Horse

I saw the testimonials and had to try the product for myself. My filly had severed her extensor tendon and sliced all four legs, with stitches to both front. The rear legs with just Vetericyn healed almost immediately. I used Vetericyn before any other treatment on front legs when under veterinarian care and by its self after the wraps came off. The filly, by week 6 had really had enough of treatment due to her necessary stall rest but with Vetericyn, the intrusion and pain was so minimal, we were able to doctor her with no pain and see unbelievable results in a very short time span. Three months after such a sever injury and you can't even see a scar, no proud flesh and full movement.

Betty L.

Animal Treated: Horse

My horse Quixie was walking from one field to another and had to cross a culvert when another horse ran by pushing her off. When she fell, the culvert put a deep gash that looked like a rip on her neck. I went and bought some Vetericyn after seeing your add on RFDTV. Within a few days I could already see a difference. I sprayed her once a day for about 20 days after about 15 days you could hardly see the wound. Now the hair has grown back without even a scar. This is a miracle cure I tell everybody that will stand still long enough about your product. Thank You so much.

Kathy White, Petsense Store #103

Animal Treated: Cat

My cat Barney was diagnosed last August with eosiniphic (sp?) plaques. That is a very serious skin disorder that the veternarian world doesn't really understand. It seems to be some kind of autoimmune/allergic response. Barney's started with a simple flea bite and ended up with raw weeping wounds all up and down the inside of his left front leg. He licked constantly and it would never heal.

Up until now, the only treatment availible has been prednisone shots about once every six weeks. The skin would clear up and then as the shot wears off, Barney starts licking and the plaques start forming again. He had his last prednisone shot about 6 weeks ago and by now, he would usually have nasty wounds again.

I bought a bottle of the Vetericyn Feline Wound Care on the first day we received the Vetericyn shipment. I use it twice a day. And Barney's front leg looks great!!! The hair is even starting to grow back!!! I was very sceptical, but no other topical product has helped; and believe me, I tried everything, including some expensive prescription things that the vet reccomended. I am feeling very positive for Barney and hoping we can avoid future steriod shots since the health side effects of steriod shots in animals are usually very negative. Barney was very resistant to treatment because of all the things we had previously tried. All I have to do is let him smell the bottle of Vetericyn and then he holds very still while I spray his leg now.

So this is a big vote for the success of Vetericyn. Just know that he looks a thousand times better now!!! Back to his handsome shiny midnite black coat with no horrible wounds. Thank you Vetericyn!

Krystal G.

Animal Treated: Cat

Vetericyn is amazing! I recently adopted an eight year old cat from a local shelter (I work at their vet's office), she had ring worm and I was scared to put an older cat on an anti fungal due to the effects on the liver, I live in Canada so I drove down to the states and grabbed a bottle. I had seen an ad on Cesar Millan's website. I figured why not give this a try... It's amazing with in weeks it's almost gone! Usually on oral anti fungal it takes a few weeks to clear up, but it is almost gone!

Emeline D.

Animal Treated: Dog

There was a large abrasion on buttocks continuing around rectum. Flap of skin lose about size of hand could even have been puncture wound or abscess and yellow pus draining. Vetericyn worked very quickly. It did not burn so caused no discomfort. Sprayed Vetericyn liberally around area am, pm and occasionally mid day - also gave pcn 2 ml 2x day for 9 days. Drainage stopped first then within a few days you could see the skin around the outside of the wound was healing hair began to grow back. Blue Jacket was also cut up on left hind foot and Vetericyn worked leaving no scar in either area. I only wish I had taken a picture of before and after. I will always use your product and have loaned it out to friends who are also having good outcomes with it. I am a customer for life.

Susan B.

Animal Treated: Horse

I have never been more amazed by a product that I am with yours! My beautiful black gelding of 3 years had a severe twisted gut with over 40 pounds of sand in his intestines which squished his liver causing it to stop functioning. Unbelievably (to every vet - made one of them cry) the horse managed to stay up and alive for over 14 days with his insides a twisted, horrible mess but he refused to let anyone know - the vet surgeon could not believe any horse could have that much drive to live to withstand that much pain for that long - anyway, the surgery was long and complicated and his odds were awful - but he fooled all of us (he really wanted to live)and pulled through fantastically. One issue however: his liver had stopped working somewhere along the line and as a result, his skin began to blister up in these big patches , they would peal off and then the next layer would do the same, etc. until there were about 5 places on his top side that looked like he'd been severely burned. One patch was about 10 inches long by 5 wide right on his hip and it was really nasty. Nothing healed it. Skin just kept trying and pealing and all of it angry red and it hurt too! Vet tried a bunch of stuff. Nope. I just told my horse that I loved him anyway and he just had a "patch" to show how brave and strong he was. Friends were already calling his the Miracle horse and sometimes, because he's so beautiful "God's Horse" which was why he lived. Then, a friend gave us a flier for a local couple who sponsored your product.

My husband and I almost fell over dead. It was impossible. That huge wound had been there so long we had just given up and hoped time would heal. The emergency happened at the 1st of last May so the wound was quite old. In a manner of two days - TWO - we saw an incredible change. I guess it's been maybe a week and now there are new hair follicles developing and the red is all gone and no more sloughing off of skin - IT'S HEALING!

Thank you so much. Soon, he may have a few silver hairs but I have a few silver hairs too.

Lind D.

Animal Treated: Horse

After a long, horseless vacation, I was looking forward to coming home and taking a long ride with my favorite mare. But, as it sometimes goes with horses, we never even got as far as the grooming stall. She came limping across the pasture sporting a gash on her hind leg the size of a dill pickle! This was no ordinary cut. It was deep, it was wide, it was oozing and it was very sore. Over the next few weeks I rinsed, I medicated, I iced and otherwise pampered my lame horse with little improvement. But then, I was given a bottle of Vetericyn. I was skeptical. Vetericyn sounded too easy and too good to be true. It promised to reduce healing time by up to 60% with just three “squirts” a day. No rinsing, no soaking, no rubbing and no burning? True, true, true and true! I went from skeptical to completely amazed. Within a few days of using Vetericyn, I saw a marked improvement and within about 5 days, the wound was no more than a scrape. Within 10 days - the “dill pickle” was completely healed. Today, you would never even know there had been a serious injury. Vetericyn claims to be a treatment for a wide range of equine issues including burns, eye infections, scratches and a number of things I’ve never even heard of before. My advice? Believe the claims. Get some Vetericyn and keep it around. This stuff works miracles.

Laura H.

Animal Treated: Horse

After getting home from Congress, I went to my local feed store, McDonald General store, and shared with them your product. I gave the buyer for the store a bottle of Vetericyn to use and try. She had a dog whose belly was extremely itchy, red, and swollen. She had tried EVERYTHING she could find to help this dog, with no results. She tried the Vetericyn, and in a week, IT WAS GONE!! She was so happy, that she now carries Vetericyn in the store! She is telling everyone about your product. I am heading to another feed store this week as well as my Vet. I have used this product on my dog, which was having a dermatitis issue, and had lost all her hair right above her tail, with uncontrollable itching. She has stopped itching, and the hair has grown back! I also gave a few bottles to a trainer in VA. where my daughter works. They have Frisians, and gypsy vanner horses. These horses have bad cases of scratches, and they can’t get rid of them. They have just started using the product and said it is working great! I am so excited! I am so happy with this product and I have shared it with so many people. I am having a health/first aid information meeting with my 4-H club on March 8th at the Vets office. I am giving all the kids a bottle to try. Thanks again!

Stephanie M.

Animal Treated: Horse

I say your product advertised on TV and decided to try it with my horse who suffers from a skin disorder. My vet has treated and medicated her but to no results. It continued to return and she had oozing bloody sores that she rubbed constantly. I saw your product on RFDTV and decided to try it. After 3 days, the sores dried and she has stopped rubbing. Thank you. I've told my friends about your product and the wonderful results I have experienced.

Jay B.

Animal Treated: Dog

For more than 6 to 7 yrs this dog has constant ear infections, the smell and his pain and ours has been nightmarish. I saw your ad in the Westminster dog newsletter, found it at a local pet store. I sprayed both ears, waited two hours and sprayed again the next morning and evening. By the third day there was great improvement. Vetericyn has given our Dozer dog (pit bull) a new life and he's 12 years old. Thank you! We are all HAPPY.

L. Green

Animal Treated: Dog

Lady is a 17 year border collie. She was running in the pasture and took a different exit and ran right thru a low strand of barb wire. She came to me on three legs. I took the Vetericyn and sprayed the puncture wound; she did not flinch or pull back when I treated the wound. This product is amazing. Thank you.

Sherry O.

Animal Treated: Horse

Just had to let you know of all the years with doctoring horses this product, Vetericyn, is amazing! A lady I work for brought a bottle back for me from the Vegas show. I had a horse get a really bad and deep wound on the hip. I decided to use your product and yesterday was one week & I have never seen anything like this. It is healing so fast & clean and all I do is spray the wound twice a day -- I so wish I had taken pictures from day one but I did take one yesterday as I can hardly believe the fast healing & so easy to doctor. By now the animal is usually pretty unhappy with all the doctoring-- I can not thank you enough & am telling everyone about this amazing product thank you so very much!!!! I will be using this all the time now!!! Its not messy & so easy just spray & thats it & the horse does not mind it at all!!! Thank You!

Carol A.

Animal Treated: Dog

I work in a feedstore in Florida, I have used Vetericyn on my dog that had a serious foot injury and it worked wonderful. Thanks Vetericyn.

Charlotte A.

Animal Treated: Horse

My horse cut herself when I was not home. I called my vet when I saw the wound and he said it was too late to give stitches. Panic set in, but I washed it, bandaged and coated it with Neosporin. The next day I repeated with a clean bandage and Neosporin. I went to the feed store and told them what my horse had done and they told me to try Vetericyn and I would be amazed. That night being skeptical, I took the bandaged off and cleaned the wound exclusively with Vetericyn. The next morning what had been swollen and hot to the touch was not anymore. My horse stood there and never flinched, so I knew that the pain must have subsided. One week later the wound is scabbing over very nicely, never again will I be without Vetericyn.

Luciana L.

Animal Treated: Rooster/Bird

I just wanted to convey how happy I'm so far with the Vetericyn Spray (8oz). I have been treating my Rooster for Bumble Foot for 2-3 MOS.

Kim L.

Animal Treated: N/A

My name is Kim, I was the last caller on your show the 21st of January that aired on RFDTV with the doctors and Clinton Anderson. I asked about sending and use for the poor people in Haiti. I was absolutely amazes that you kind folks had already sent cases of your product to Haiti. I just want to tell you how wonderful you are!!! GOD BLESS YOU !!!!! My phone was cut off so I didn't get a chance to tell you all THANKS and how cool this is!!!! I would like to purchase some of both of your products also. I will be placing my order!!!! AGAIN THANK YOU, AND THANKS FOR MAKING YOUR PRODUCT!!!


Animal Treated: Horse

Tipp, a 9yr.old Appaloosa Gelding, had a wire cut on rear right leg to the bone. The wound started out very black and after the first application of Vetericyn it got so pink, and after just 2 applications we had new tissue growing over the bone. One time per day,then wrapped,antibiotics used first 2 weeks treating wound with Vetericyn for 3 weeks,wound is still in the healing process but is doing well. I have even got our local feed store to purchase some and will be posting pictures at the store so people can see the results for themselves.

Dan O.

Animal Treated: Horse

We bought an appaloosa with very light skin color, she had a iritation on her rump that we don't know if it was caused by sunburn or what....the lady we bought her from had been putting A&D and desitin on it all summer and the skin kept peeling away and would bleed it was like the skin had thinned to paper thin, she had no hair on her cheeks.....that was all cleared up within a week and her hair has since grown back......not to mention all the other random cuts and boo boos my animals have had...including my rottweilers severe hot spots!!

Carol N., RPh

Animal Treated: Horse

I've tried 2 or 3 different antifungal preps, at least 2 topical steroid anti-inflammatories, at least 2 antihistamines - oral and topical, tea tree oil, emu oil, and, since nothing was more than superficially effective, I have to admit, I really didn’t have high expectations for the Vetericyn, and, really, didn’t order it for that. I originally ordered it just to have on hand. I then gave the 8 oz bottle I ordered to a friend to use on a serious wound on his horse. It worked so well I ordered more. Then a light bulb flickered, I read the label, and tried it on my horse - still not expecting a positive outcome. I love it when I'm wrong. I believe in your product and will probably give one of the 4 bottles I'm ordering to another friend who also as a horse with a (presumed) fungal infection of the hair follicle on his bum. I also like the fact that it doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals (considering my chosen profession, that may seem contradictory, but I don’t believe that chemicals are always the best treatment options - case in point: my horse!)

D. Kerekes - Jacksonville, Fl

Animal Treated: Horse

I purchased the Vetericyn spray from you and received it about 2 weeks ago. My horse had what appeared to be a sarcoid and the vet indicated it would never heal. I had been using a few other, non irritating, treatments. The sarcoid had srunk up to almost smooth but in the process of treating the sarcoid my horse started biting the area which is at the top left side of his left front leg. By his doing this he totally pulled out all the hair in about a 8x6 inch area and it was bleeding and just looked a mess. I am happy to say that he now has almost all his hair back with a small area over the sarcoid area still not covered. I am TOTALLY amazed that this has happened so fast! You can not imagine how distressed I have been over this problem. It all started the end of September 2009 and looks like this will be all healed up by the New Year! How something that seems like water is working is beyond me, but I will certainly keep Vetericyn in my arsenal of tools!

C.C. Hotchkiss, President Golden Hills Ranch Equine Rescue

Animal Treated: Horse

I had the chance to use this product on three different horses with great results. We just had 2 new horses brought into the rescue and are now using it on them now. Thank you again for this product it works and I have seen it with my own two eyes, I also have some happy healthy horses because of Vetericyn.

K. Sweeney

Animal Treated: Horse

I love the product and have recommended it and even gave a bottle as a gift. Healed my horse's scrape on her face in two days when the ointment had not touched it in four days. Thanks for a great product. Almost everyone at the boarding stable where I keep my horse has a bottle.

C. Oldershaw

Animal Treated: Dog

We have been using the Vetericyn on our dogs ear off and on since September. It has worked miracles.

Chris G.

Animal Treated: Dog

I have a carin terrier that is a leptospirosis survivor of 5 yrs. His immune system was shut down and he was transfused 3 times in order to survive. He came up with a skin condition (looked like ringworm/hotspot/etc.) that I spent alot of money at the vets trying to get under control to no avail. I received a free sample at AQHA Congress, brought it home and used it on my dog..... IN 2 DAYS immediate control. Dog stopped licking sores, new sores are not erupting, and sores are healed. I am getting more to have on hand.

Tracy L. Hansford

Animal Treated: Horse

I was in an auto accident with my horse in the trailer. She had an impact wound that went aprox. 7 inches up into her left hind quarter, she also lost a fist full of muscle. She was stitched with over 100 stitches that lasted aprox. a week. After that my vet recommended Vetericyn. That is ALL I have used on her and her healing has been AMAZING! I think I am pretty much the Vetericyn spokes person for our area, if someone asks my vet about it he says.... "Just ask Tracy". Bailey's wound could have been very life threatening with the threat of infection, she had open holes that couldn't be stitched. We worried about magets also. No infection and No sign of a fly. Anyway I would love to share my testimonial for this product. The healing is not quite finished, but we are 3 months into what was thought to not heal completly without skin grafting... so far it looks like no need for that. I truly believe it was the vetericyn. I have used other products on WAY less and never experienced that sort of healing.

W. Perkins

Animal Treated: Horse

I have a horse that had a wound over a year, giving antibiotic, using every smear I could think of, and the wound never healed, after being seen by two different vets and no success, I was ready to have the mare put down, then on the rfd tv channel I saw your ad, so I ordered your product, the wound was the size of a baseball and oozing puss 24-7. Now some weeks later the wound is but a slit, and is on the way to complete recovery. Thank you for your product, and thank you RFDtv.

Bunnys Pet Parlor

Animal Treated: N/A

Have used your product a couple of times and am impressed! Have been grooming for 30 yrs. and have used many products but this one works really fast and shows results.

Sandra A.

Animal Treated: Dog

Hagen sliced his pad on his front foot against the blade of an ax. We sprayed him twice a day, morning and night. It was healed within a week and a half. We took him to the vet to be sure it was fine, and he said that a wound like that should have taken at least 3 weeks to look like that. Thank you for this product!

P. Manor

Animal Treated: Dog

My son loved the product purchased. It healed his dog's foot perfectly. He had such success with it that he gave your company's name to a couple of his hunting buddies and I do believe that they both ordered some from your company. At the moment, he is all set on the Vetericyn but will surely order from your company again when we need more of it. Thank you for following up. It is so nice to see a company so interest in their customers.

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