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These quotes below are submitted and provided by our customers.

Lacy S.

Animal Treated: Turkey

I got this product for my horses and it has worked amazingly. However, the most amazing experience I have had with this product is when I used it with my baby turkey, Pecker. Our family farm chickens plucked out almost all of the baby turkey's back feather until he was bleeding. I had no idea what to do so I grabbed my Vetericyn bottle and sprayed his wound 3x daily. I swear with in a week he had feathers growing back, just amazing!! He is now fully feathered after a month and you can't even tell anything happened!

Cindra O.

Animal Treated: Cat

Vetericyn is amazing! My cat got into a fight and got a puncture would on his back leg. I applied peroxide and Neosporin a few times a day for a week but it still got horribly abscessed and he could put no weight on his foot. I had to make a trip to the horse and tack shop for another reason when I came across Vetericyn. The store employees rant and raved about it, said they use it on everything. Figured I would try one last thing before making a trip to the vet. Within one day of using it, I could start to see in improvement. I stopped using the peroxide and Neosporin and only used Vetericyn. A week later my cat is almost perfect - there is only a small red spot where the wound was. I'm not exactly sure what is in this stuff but it's amazing and I will always have it on hand. I know it's expensive, but totally worth it. Thank you for such an amazing product!

Alicia P.

Animal Treated: Calf

I wish I had thought to take before & after photos, but I honestly had no idea what to expect my first time using Vetericyn...I guess I'm a bit of a skeptic. Anyway, I recently got a couple of Holstein bull calves, one of which came with weird bumps in and on his ears. I started using Vetericyn morning and evening and within a week I noticed a huge difference. The bumps had started to scab over and fall off! They are almost all gone and I am so pleased. Burger doesn't even care as long as I scratch his back while I spray. I will continue to use Vetericyn until they completely clear and the fur grows back. What a wonderful product!

Bradley B.

Animal Treated: Cow

On 2/26/12 we came home to find both of our calves were attacked by a neighbor's dog. One had a pretty bad bite on his left front leg and the other calf had pretty horrific bites to his testicular area. We did not think they would make it through the night due to the amount of blood lost. The next day, I went to Southern States where I telling them what happened. They recommended Vetericyn Liquid and Gel. I purchased the liquid first and applied it twice a day. After the first week, we saw a great improvement, so we purchased the Vetericyn Gel. After the second week, we alternate the liquid and gel, once in the morning and once again in the evening. After the 3rd week, we only applied once per day. Every day we are seeing great improvements. I would recommend this to everyone.

Heidi D.

Animal Treated: Dog

My dog bruno had to be kenneled while I was out of town for the weekend when I picked him up he had chewed his tail completely bloody and raw. After three weeks spraying Vetericyn on his tail, it did not burn so he was ok with this product and his tail was completely healed. After a three day period the redness was gone and after one week time you could start to see small hairs growing back. This product is amazing I will use it on everything now!

Tracy C.

Animal Treated: Dog

My dog had a very strange black, lumpy scab on the underside of her ear flap. I thought one of my other dogs had bitten her while playing and didn't think much of it but kept an eye on it. After it didn't go away I picked it off and realized it was no normal scab. I took her to the vet who said it looked very much like a leprous lesion (LEPROSY!) but she wasn't 100% sure without doing cytology which we couldn't do because there was nothing to culture. When the scab was picked off there was just a raw red spot on her ear and the scab just kept coming back. We tried an ointment which didn't work. Then we put her on a trial of antibiotics for two weeks and got no results so I discontinued using them. The next step was going to be a visit with a dermatologist. Worst case scenario that part of her ear would need to be surgically removed. I just happened to notice my bottle of Vetericyn in my pantry and thought AHA! Why didn't I think of this be fore? I started spraying the wound twice a day and saw almost immediate results. It has been two weeks or so now and the wound is completely healed, just a small white spot and the hair is starting to grow back. I'm so thrilled that we could so easily fix this problem WITHOUT DRUGS OR SURGERY! Thank you Vetericyn!

David J.

Animal Treated: Dog

We moved to a friends place while a house was being built in WA. Sophie, our dog, became obsessed with their cat and was herding him a lot. She also went to the park and played near by. The surroundings were new and someone said maybe it was stress. All of a sudden she started chewing large amounts of hair out. Her tail looked like a rat. The Vet said she had a flea allergy. After the vet treated her with antibiotics and steroids, a friend who is a cattle brand inspector for the State of California told me about this product. Another friend in Oklahoma also told me to get it. I did. The hair is coming back and the biting is at a minimum. I had tried all kinds of things including Benadryl per the vet and was concerned because she would wait till we went to bed and the next morning we would find the hair all over. After the use of this product there are no more bunches of hair and her tail is almost covered with new growth. I used it on her foot when she cut it and she quit limping in one day. She just stands and lets me spray it on, no smell, not sticky, doesn't get on carpet or furniture. She is growing back a pretty coat, new growth of black and white just in time for summer.

Michelle G.

Animal Treated: Horse

We adopted and have cared for Romeo, our rescue horse, for the past 5 years and have battled with scratches on his hind legs for all five years. We have tried all sorts of remedies and it would typically resolve after a couple of months..... Last summer he acquired the lovely black scabby mess again on his hind leg and this time we battled it with our arsenal of products with no positive results.... it only kept getting worse. Finally, after treating it for 5 months, I became aware of the Vetericyn wound/infection spray and thought that it surely couldn't hurt to try it. So we applied it twice a day and in just a couple of days, it was beginning to heal! Three weeks later there was no trace of the infection and now nearly 4 months later, while spraying the area every other day to prevent recurrence, it is still GONE! I only wish you sold it in gallon jugs! We have other pets (three dogs) and am sure we will use it with them on occasion as well. Thank you so much!

Alberta M.

Animal Treated: Mule

In June of 2011 Our mule, Teddie, was snake bit on the front left foot just above the hoof. She began limping and I could see nothing wrong at first. Her foot started to swell and ooze, then the fang marks were visible. I immediately began soaking her foot in Epsom salt water and it seemed to ease some of her pain. This injury wa from the middle of the front of the foot to the back. After the 3rd soaking some of the hair started coming off and the poison started oozing out. This was the most horrible looking poison I have ever seen. At this point I called the vet and he came out to check her. He was amazed at what it looked like and gave her an antibiotic shot. Told me to soak that foot for another 24 hrs and 2 more shots. The day after the first shot the meat had sloughed off and you could see nerves and a tendon had been partially dissolved. After doing this I was not happy with the way it looked and contacted the vet again. He said I could try Vetericyn if I could find it. I found it at one of the Buchheit Farm supply stores. I continued soaking her foot about twice a day for a couple more days and spraying the Vetericyn on her foot about 4 times a day. After the first 24 hrs it was amazing at how her foot had begun to heal. The Vetericyn is like a miracle healer in her case.

I continued to use Vetericyn for about 3 wks before letting her heal on her own. She limped some and kept the injury opened as it healed. In early December we sent her to Montana to be with our other Mule and our son says she is doing great. He swears the Vetericyn we used made the difference. Will keep it on hand all the time.

James S.

Animal Treated: Horse

Joe, our horse, was in the back of my sons trailer and some how when he turned out of the driveway he slipped and fell hitting his head on some object in the trailer when we finally got him up blood was every where and gushing out. I just knew he had lost his eye after getting him to the house and cleaning him up it was deep but nothing to reattach if stitched. I called vet he said to clean it up and use the Vetericyn along with giving him a tetanus shot. I did this and he recovered and healed great.

Melissa W.

Animal Treated: Horse

Tessa is an unbroken 3-year-old Warm blood mare, in training to be a dressage horse. She had a small sarcoid growth behind her elbow in the girth area, which had started to ulcerate. She had a minor surgery to remove the sarcoid (successfully), and her incision was stitched up. Unfortunately, the location of the surgery site was very high-motion and there was a lot of tension on the tissue. After three weeks of healing with stitches, the incision site opened up completely, and we were back to square one. We had to treat it as an open wound. On Day 1, the fresh wound was about the size of an apple. She did not receive any additional antibiotics, but we used Vetericyn VF (vet prescribed) twice a day for 45 days. It was the only product she received, and the large wound never showed any signs of infection. What started as a deep, wide wound quickly flattened out and rapidly shrank. After 30 days, she was back in training and after 45 days, you could barely see the wound. There is scar tissue, but it is strong and healthy and very unlikely to tear again.

Carolyn M.

Animal Treated: Cow

We had heard of this product and purchased it for future use. When we saw this cow kicking her calf away, not letting the calf suck, and the cow's udder was getting bigger and sorer, we thought this would be a good time to try the Vetericyn. She was out in pasture so I got as close to her as I could and I sprayed the liquid only on the outside, until it dripped from each teat, and thought we would have to bring her in to the corral and try to milk the cow out. The next morning I went out to check on her and the calf had sucked her dry. Obviously with only that one spray, the skin had healed enough and the pain subsided enough to allow the calf to suck. We were amazed! That cow has had no more problems since the one spray.

Candace T.

Animal Treated: Rabbits

I made a vet appointment for both rabbits on Thurs for the following Monday. In the meantime I sprayed a few squirts daily to Blue's ears and continued to use this on Baby as well. Sunday evening Blue's Ears were completely healed. Three days of using this product cleared up her severe Ear infection, with no side effects. I am now a firm Believer in this Product. A rabbit is more sensitive to medicines than other pets, and this worked wonderful for them. I was able to cancel the vet appointment for Blue and this product helped tremendously for Baby!

Nancy B.

Animal Treated: Horse

In just a few days our mini horse, Honey, developed a swollen eye. Washed with baby shampoo, which usually works, but another day it was swollen more! I even tried eye ointment from Vet with little or no improvement, even three days of penicillin and still not healing. Eye was puffy and grey and I thought for sure she was going to lose her eye sight or worse. This came on so fast! Was going to take her to the Vet but then I heard of Vetericyn on RFD TV and found it at our local farm and Fleet. Immediately sprayed it in her eye for three days and the swelling went down and color came back into her eye. This happened a year ago and has not had any problems with her eye since!

Christina F.

Animal Treated: Dog

Mia, my dog, has extreme happy tail..... She's so happy to see you she bangs her tail on any surface that gets in its path! Her tail was infected and bleeding profusely, my vet would not bandage the wound unless she was anesthetized....every 3 days @ $93 per procedure or amputate her tail!!!! Mia was grumpy and in pain. I took her to a friend of mine who has horse's to see if I could get some help wrapping Mia's tail. I couldn't seem to keep the tail wrapped, Mia either chewed off the bandage or beat her tail on the ground until the bandage came loose and flew off all the while spewing blood everywhere and throwing her into a yelping sound from the pain that alerted the neighbors. My friend gave me her bottle of Vetericyn. Mia's treatment was simple. I sprayed her tail 3 times a day with Vetericyn after I cleaned it, I left the wound open. By day 4 her tail the infection was gone and the bleeding very minor. It's been 10 days, Mia's tail has a very small scab and the hair has started to grow back. Your product has no odor or sting factor and it truly saved her tail and the most amazing part it was done without hundreds of dollars of pain meds and lame anesthetic procedures! Thank you!

Beverly C.

Animal Treated: Horse

Last June my horse, Gunner, cut his leg getting out of the horse trailer. The wound was near a joint and the vet was unable to stitch it so said it was best to just let it heal on its own. He left us antibiotics and salve and dressing to dress the wound for at least a week and he suggested hosing it off daily with clean water. I tried other salves and antibiotic sprays but the wound was slow to heal. A month into the healing I saw a commercial promoted by Clinton Anderson for your product. I immediately bought a bottle of Vetericyn and began spraying his leg wound daily with it. I immediately saw results. The wound looked cleaner and less "angry". It was completely healed in another month. I only wish I had used your product from day one. The hair even grew back onto his leg and you can hardly see a scar. The vet had told me his leg would probably never look normal again. I am glad he was wrong and glad I found your product. I keep a bottle in the horse trailer and barn now for all cuts and if the horse's eyes look irritated. I love this stuff!

Randy B.

Animal Treated: Cat

We tried all the antibiotic eye drops and ointments we could find on the market because we couldn't afford to take all these kittens to the vet. Nothing really cleared it up. I was watching Clinton Anderson on TV and saw the promos for the Vetericyn products and thought I needed to give it a try. We immediately applied the product after receiving it and after about 1 week of applying 2-3 times a day; their eyes all cleared up and are looking wonderful. It's been 3 months later and it hasn't returned either. Love the product.

Gill B.

Animal Treated: Cat

I have ten rescue cats and not a lot of money to spare on vet visits. Skinner is a cat that I rescued as a kitten but he remains semi-feral despite the fact that he sleeps on my bed at night. A week ago I noticed that he had one ear folded over and an eye half closed - and that side of his head had a really bad smell. I scruffed him and sprayed Vetericyn into the ear sustaining minor wounds myself. I sprayed the ear every night - and always his resistance was less. No more damage to me, and he actually seemed to like the spray. I guess it was soothing. ANYWAY ... I'm pleased to say that there is no smell at all from that ear now. It is back up in the healthy position and his eye is fully open.

Tracey M.

Animal Treated: Dog

Farley is my beloved mini Aussie. He is allergic to flea bites - and since it is December, I had stopped using his flea medicine - but with the uncommonly warm winter - we still have fleas! So when I saw him scratching and biting, I investigated and found huge oozing ulcers on his hips -I was horrified! Of course, it was a weekend - so I shaved the area - cleaned it up and started with Vetericyn immediately - He never objects to it - I sprayed it on all the ulcers on both hips three times a day for three days and saw a marked improvement. After five days, the areas were dry, healing very well, and no more itching! I restarted his flea medicine to avoid future ulcers but I am grateful to Vetericyn for making my dog better so quickly! I wish I had taken pictures - but all I could think of was getting him better FAST and Vetericyn did that for me! No vet visit necessary and immediate relief for my dog.

Kathleen S.

Animal Treated: Chicken

My dog attacked my pet chicken. She was one of those big meat chickens or she may not of survived the attack. The skin on her back was ribbed off. I had a vet tell me that if I didn't bring her to him, she would die, for sure. She would die from infection. He was going to charge me $800. I went to the local fed store and picked up Vetericyn and penicillin. After a while, I stopped the penicillin because I was scared of it being too much on her body but I kept on with the Vetericyn. Within a short period of time her back scabbed and hair started growing. In no time, the last scab fell and she no longer needed the Vetericyn.

It saved her life, her back was open, before we started with Vetericyn, I almost put her down, but the man at the feed store said, "Try this, people swear to me it is miraculous."

Now I am using it on a rat that has bumble foot. He was dragging his foot, after 2 days he is walking normally.

Kathleen S.

Animal Treated: Dog

Four newborn puppies with varying degrees of umbilical cord wounds or irritations. From about one day old. These are puppies of our beloved female Chihuahuas and our male. New mothers didn't know to stop chewing the umbilical cords down so far. One puppie's wound was the size of a nickle. Now down to a penny in just three days. Scabbing over. This pup has a chance now! And why we named him Lucky!

Barbara C.

Animal Treated: Horse

On August 16, 2011 Dolly was out in the pasture when another horse on the other side of the fence decided they wanted to say hi. Dolly didn't want the horse to close to her so she kicked out and caught her leg in the field fencing and in doing so caught her leg in it. She yanked her leg back out and tore a nice sizes chunk out of her leg by her knee. We brought her up to the barn, scrubbed her leg applied Vetericyn and wrapped it. She remained on stall rest while we treated the wound twice a day. On September 6, 2011 we noticed a large chunk of skin wasn't adhering so we hauled her to the vet to have it removed. They looked at it and were very impressed that we didn't have any infection, hardly any inflammation and she wasn't lame on it. We told them that we had only used Vetericyn on it and they were surprised. After the vet visit we wrapped it a few more days before removing the wrapping however we continued to spray it, she was soon turned out onto pasture. Around the 18th of September we saddled her up and took her out on a trail ride. She never took a lame step at the WTC. Even the next day after the ride she was never lame on it. On September 24,2011 we took her to a gymkhana and she ran all day with no problems. To boot she pulled her best on every run that day pulling in a 5th place in the fast division against some horses that have gone to state championship. We continued to spray it here and there for the next 2 months to continue to keep proud flesh away and it healed with only a little bit of a bump. We continued to ride her in events and she ran a muck in the pasture with no clue she had just took a big chunk out of her leg. I have to say if it wasn't for Vetericyn I would have faced a major vet bill and a lame horse.

Ashley W.

Animal Treated: Horse

Hustler is a 17 yr old Gelding. One day coming up from the pasture we noticed something wasn't right with his head. We started treating it with wonder dust, blue coat...Within a week later we realized he had a stick in his head that had came to the surface. We removed the stick and treated again with wonder dust. A few days later our vet said Vetericyn. We used it approx. 3x a day. Within a week the wound was completely closed! Within 2 weeks the wound was pretty much unnoticeable! It was amazing how fast it healed! I also use it on my dogs, cats... Will forever use Vetericyn!

Christina S.

Animal Treated: Horse

I used the Vetericyn spray 3 times a day for the first 4 weeks along with hosing the wound every other day the first two weeks to remove drainage buildup. The wound was actually closed up and down to just a thin line in 4 weeks, at which time I reduced to two sprays a day, and discontinued at 6 weeks. At that time it was just a break in the hair coat. She was already in her winter coat so it looks more pronounced than it would if she was in her slick summer coat.

I was very impressed with this product! Not only did it heal the wound quickly and with little scarring, but it was easy to apply. I was amazed at how quickly the deepest part of the wound filled in with healthy tissue, and closed up. With most products, the horses either don't like the smell or it stings and they get to where they don't want to be doctored. With the Vetericyn, I could walk up to my mare and spray her wound anytime, anywhere without even putting a halter on her! She even acted like she welcomed it! What a relief to find a product that not only works great, but is easy to apply!

Darlene M.

Animal Treated: Dog

This product is amazing. I have tried so many other things. Ollie had gotten so bad he had pulled all the fur off his back feet and created a few bald spots on his hip/butt area. He had then started on his front feet. There was almost instant relief from the itching. Now four weeks later and his fur is growing back. His skin isn't red and he seems happier. He starts dancing around when I ask him if he wants to get his butt sprayed. He sticks his butt in the air and waits.

Faith O.

Animal Treated: Cat

Thank you for this miracle product. My 9 year old cat just moved into my one bedroom apartment with me and must have had an allergic reaction to cleaning products. She is a pathological bather. After a while these irritated spots quickly spread and her bathing and chewing created a hot spot. The good people at my local pet store recommended your product instead of a costly vet visit. $30 dollars and a cone later, Bear is making immense progress. She is not happy with her cone on, so I appreciate that Vetericyn has sped up the healing process so that she can once again roam free.

Again, thank you! From an amazed and loyal customer.

Heather T.

Animal Treated: Horse

When I first started treating my mare, Gypsy, for dew poisoning/scratches on her leg I was using an iodine shampoo and cleaning 1x daily. After no results I had remembered I received a free trial size bottle as a gift from ACTHA and started using your product to heal my mare. Within just a few days I seen a drastic change and after just 15 days it was almost completely healed. I recommend your product to all of my friends and have even used it on myself. My bottle is almost empty so its time for another. This product is amazing and really does work great!

Mandy S.

Animal Treated: Horse

Lakota, 13yo Registered paint gelding, had surgery on his inner sheath to remove 2 large tumors that was a confirmed case of Squamous cell carcinoma a locally aggressive cancer. The vet recommended 3 weeks of rest and to use Vetericyn to help with the healing process. It only took a week and a half and Lakota was completely healed up! The vet and I were extremely impressed with this product! Vetericyn healed Lakota in half the time! Now he is back to bucking, running and cutting cows. Thank you Vetericyn!

Monica H.

Animal Treated: Chickens

Ear crud in large fowl Cochin chickens is the common name for a fungal infection of the external ear canal. It is incredibly difficult to cure in chickens and conventional remedies can actually make the infection worse and cause the chicken to die. We had ear crud in our Cochins and our most beloved Cochin, Monster, had it the worst. Prescription ear drops caused the infection to be driven deeper within the ear and was ultimately the cause of Monster's death. Not wanting another situation like this, I decided to abandon conventional therapies and try the Vetericyn. I was truly shocked when the chicken's ear infection was gone after 2 days! I now use Vetericyn as the first line of defense for all of my poultry wounds and infections.

Elisa G.

Animal Treated: Dog



Animal Treated: Dog

Tucker, my dog, got skin injuries from barbed wire on legs and chest. One wound in particular was down to the muscle and the flap was laying back. Look liked it would need stitches to close. I sprayed on wounds twice a day. This spray was the only treatment used. No stitches or bandages. The wounds closed on their own, stayed clean and when I went to show someone where the wounds were, there is NO SCARRING at all. It is as if the wounds never happened. The fur is completely grown back, even on the deepest area. This is a wonderful product. I'm so glad I discovered it.

Bonnie H.

Animal Treated: Horse

Rainey is our life! She has brought my daughter to 4h last year for first time and they excelled beyond my dreams! She is a somewhat green mare. Unfortunately, after, she somehow got caught up in a wooden stall fork and it stabbed her behind udder and went in quite far. This was 2 months ago. I cleaned it and flushed it with hose water - it healed well so I had thought. Anot5her month later she broke open again and quite a bit of drainage it had pooled underneath her. I was somewhat relieved thinking every came out and. We are in clear. Well, surprisingly enough another month had passed and she was limping. She was swelling up again! Talked with vet and he suggested foreign matter and planned surgery. Two weeks post op had gone I felt everything could only go great from here. Sadly enough she is infected at wound site which is a four inch open incision between inner thigh and lower udder tissue left open for drainage. Being such an air tight area and breeding ground for bacteria this is going to be a tough healing process.

I was just ill when I saw pus drainage and wanted to give up. I was religious on treatment. I heard about Vetericyn and thought I would try it. I have been flushing this deep wound for only two days now and you would be amazed!!!!!! There is no drainage except what it should be. Tissue is nice and pink and no swelling!!! I am sooooo amazed in such a short time the difference in the tissue and how it looks. I can't wait to see how it will look in another day! Thank you for such a wonderful product. I am a true believer in Vetericyn. Especially in such a frustrating difficult wound. Thank you.


Animal Treated: Dog

My white Sheppard, Zully, had sores very deep almost to the bone on both elbows. I tried three different veterinary clinics and after spending over $1500 on vet visits, antibiotics and topical creams nothing worked until I tried Vetericyn gel. I can't believe how fast Vetericyn worked. I wish I had taken before and after pictures. I'm very grateful and happy about finally after over a year to have found the solution to my dog's awful elbow sores. Now every time I see a dog with sores I tell their owners about this wonderful medication.

Shantelle B.

Animal Treated: Horse

When I had discovered the wound on Magick's shoulder, I had no idea what to do! Upon calling my vet, he told me it was too late for stitches, and to "slap some furazone on it and keep it clean" but I felt that that just wasn't good enough. It was so deep, swollen and just so painful looking. That same day, looking around on the internet for a better solution, I discovered Vetericyn. Seeing so many before / after pictures, I immediately found a retailer close by and I am glad I did! The day after our first treatment with Vetericyn, the swelling was completely gone, the wound was draining, and Magick was walking just fine! Now after just a short month of treatment, the wound is almost completely gone, barely even a scratch remains. I will never bother with any other product. Thank you very much!

Lynn G.

Animal Treated: Dog

We had tried so many of the counter products and the meds. For a fungus in her ears and skin problems (hot spots). Nothing worked she suffered for over 6 months with these conditions. It has been very upsetting to watch her go through this. I was about to give up until I saw your product I admit I did not have much faith anything be that point. Things felt hopeless.

I can not express how amazed and happy I was when I used your product and within days I saw improvement. She had stopped scratching the patches were gone on her back and neck. Her ears the very bad smell was gone, I checked her ears and the fungus was no longer visible, she stopped scratching and crying. I just can express my thanks for such a great product.

Our black Lab is feeling great and has her spring back in her step. We are very happy and will certainly spread the word... oh yes and we started using it for our Pom. KeeKee. Thank you.

Debra C.

Animal Treated: Dog

Casey is an allergy dog. He has had shots for years & is currently taking a very low dose of prednisone. Two years ago both of his elbows broke open & bled a lot. He started licking them & they got worse. After multiple visits to vets who offered explanations with no results & antibiotics galore, I did my research & found Vetericyn. Both of his elbows cleared up within 3 to 5 days. No more bleeding or swelling. He was even starting to grow his hair back. I strongly suggest this product to everyone. It has helped Casey when nothing else would! This is a product that everyone pet owner should have around.

Jessica D.

Animal Treated: Dog

This stuff WORKS! IT WAS AMAZING-Cayenne (Staffordshire Bull Terrier) had eye discharge and was very itchy in her eye-it was swollen and looked awful! Honestly after ONLY 2 full days of treatment her eye is fine! We were so worried that we would have to take her to the vet-but no need now! We definitely will keep this product on hand in our dog first aid kit forever now!!!!! Amazing results and fast!

Barry D.

Animal Treated: Bird

My poor hen Raven had a terrible tear or abscess on her bottom. No vets in my area treat chickens, so I had to handle it myself. I figured as long as she was trying, I would try. I brought her into the house and soaked her, cleaned the wound and put Neosporin on it and gave her an injection of antibiotics- after a few days of this, she wasn't looking much better and I went in search of a better product. I found Vetericyn with the recommendation of our feed store guy and gave it a shot- Raven's wound started to look better within 3 days time! The skin stopped dying and started to pink up. The tough skin of the abscess (or whatever it was) softened and eventually sloughed off. She's now healed up and you'd never know she had such an ordeal!

Alex T.

Animal Treated: Horse

Gatsby was boarded on a place in Wyoming over the summer while I went home to California, I moved up to Montana and found out through the grape vine my horse was not well off. I drove the 4 hour drive to see my horse in Wyoming upon seeing him I discovered he had a gaping wound filled with nasty pus and was almost 3 inches deep. I started using Vetericyn as soon as I got him up to my place sprayed it 3 times a day everyday, along with this spray 3 times a day I also did a bedadine scrub to bleed out the wound. LOVE this product after 3 weeks of using it his shoulder looks better than ever!!! all thats left is a little scab!! Vetercyn is my go to wound care I always have some on hand and its always in my vet kit!!! use it for everything!! amazed that it healed this huge nasty wound so fast!! if I wasnt a beliver before I am now!!!

Denise L.

Animal Treated: Bird

Raccoon attacked cockatiel cage that was left outside too late in the evening with two birds inside. One bird did not make it overnight, but the worst injury was Journey who had her wing ripped off with at least and inch of skin gone. Bone and flesh completely exposed. The smell of rotting flesh had already begun by morning. That morning I went to the barn to retrieve my bottle of Vetericyn and I started to apply @ three sprays, 2 times that first day. From then on I applied ONLY Vetericyn 3x/day. Sometimes more if I felt that the wound looked too dry. On day two I immediately noticed that the smell was gone. On day three I took the bird to Montrose Pet Hospital, at the prodding of my son, (yes, the one on the ATT commercial) for the vet to see. She was amazed at the fact that the bird was even alive! Vetericyn was not known by her and she and the other vet was very interested in seeing what it can do. There was nothing the vet could do and no treatment

via the vet was given. It was ALL on Vetericyn. Please let me know if you do not get the photos and we'll find another way of getting them to you. Journey is a feisty and noisy bird that has not figured out that she's that different. She still exercises her other wing and this will be one bird that will never fly away!

I cannot say enough on how fast and easy it is to use Vetericyn. Thank you... and my children thank you too.

Danielle J.

Animal Treated: Horse

My son's horse fell out the horse trailer while we were driving down the road. We brought her back home and left her with my brother-n-law to doctor while we headed to the rodeo. He used some other stuff for a couple days. We went to the feed store to find medicine that would help her cuts and they recommended Vetericyn. I was skeptical because it was so new. After a couple of weeks we started seeing a great deal of improvement. We used two bottles that month. Today, she is healed and doing good. I'm not much of a picture taker, so I didn't think to take pics to show the improvement she's made, but I would not use nothing else. I recommend this product to anyone.

Joanna M.

Animal Treated: Horse

With multiple horses coming in with a wide range of issues (mud fever, rain scald, eye infections) and also picking up the usual cuts and scratches, Vetericyn gives me a one stop solution and has prevented one horse with terrible yearly mud fever that has resisted years of vet treatment from needing antibiotics. Any cuts that have started to get infected heal incredibly quickly, mud fever and rain scald vanish, it soothes sore eyes and has helped a deep wire wound heal cleanly. A wonderful innovation that made a big difference to my first aid routine.

Leslie Z.

Animal Treated: Cat

I foster cats and kittens. I had 3 kittens with ringworm. I tried lotamin ultra for a few weeks and saw no real results. It became costly at $13 tube. Vetericyn was previously used on another of our rescue kittens with a terrible eye infection - so bad his eye lid puffed inside out. A week of spray gel and it cleared up. So ringworm was the next experiment and it worked amazingly. I checked for spores with a black light every few days. After 3 weeks no spores. I did keep treating and covering ears and other thin areas for 2 more weeks. The bottle says Vetericyn acts as a protective coat. I was counting on that since there were 3 cats loosing ringworm at different speeds. Truly great stuff. I highly recommend this to everyone. This has saved our rescue group a lot of money.

Tammy S.

Animal Treated: Dog

Zuny our 6 year old lab mix has had chronic reoccurring ear infections of her right ear since we adopted her at 8 weeks old. We would flush her ear with dog ear wash regularly but the ear infections still came. It didn't matter what brand we used nothing worked! Every time the ear infection came back, off to the vet we went to get the antibiotics 10 days on then 10 off then 10 back on!

It was so heartbreaking to see her in pain, and even more so when we had to hold her down and clean them! She would wake us up at night shaking her head or whimpering....I felt like a failure, letting her down as it always came back a few times a year!

Its Friday and her ear infection had come back again! I called the vet and we couldn't get in until Monday it was Friday....I got fed up and started doing research on what other treatments were available. It was the best time spent!

I FOUND VETERICYN! Of course I was skeptical, but the ear infection had come back and I was desperate for a lasting solution to her pain! I ran out that day, bought a bottle of Vetericyn and started as soon as I got home.

The first thing I noticed was It didn't hurt her she didn't cry! It was so easy to use! Just spray in her ear, wait a bit then clean out the infection that had liquefied. We saw her ear clean out right away and the head shaking stopped! Within 3 days her ear was totally clean. She had her vet appointment Monday afternoon her ear was clean but I wanted her vet to see her to make sure it was working and not just looking clean.

He said her ear was looking great! He swabbed and looked at it under the microscope and no yeast no bacteria! In 3 days Vetericyn did what antibiotics could not in 10 days! I was blown away, I cried, I really did knowing I had finally found the cure to her ear infections and there would be no more pain for her! Now it's been a year and no infections, we just clean her ears with the Vetericyn Canine Ear Wash and she is great!

Thank you for Vetericyn!

Valerie T.

Animal Treated: Dog

Deuce is an 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a light to moderate skin allergy and horrible ear infection in her left ear. We have been battling a chronic ear infection since Deuce was 7 months old. Flush after flush, oral antibiotic, topical antibiotic.... I am a Vet Tech and you name we have tried it. Each time a new product came out we would achieve limited success as Deuce would mount a resistance to the antibiotic.

Vetericyn is a god send! After only 2 treatments I saw marked results in the amount of discharge from Deuce\\\'s ear. By day 5 there was barely any discharge or the horrible pus smell that would emanate from her ear. By the 10th day mark the infection was gone. And most importantly it has remained gone! I use the wound spray as needed for her hot spots (which is not very often). I have 4 dogs and Vetericyn is GREAT for the occasional scrape or cut pad from fetching a ball/ Frisbee or hiking in the woods.

I would HIGHLY recommend Vetericyn!! It really works!!

Sue H.

Animal Treated: Horse

My mare had cut her leg and was seen by the vet who had put her on oral antibiotics and had me do daily bandage changes and stall rest. It seemed to have a very slow healing time. I work at an Animal Emergency Clinic and we received free samples of Vetericyn spray and I had started to use the spray on her wound because it started to get infected. Within a couple of days I could see significant improvement. Today the wound is healed well and she just has a small scar. I must let you know, she injured herself on Memorial Day and I think I would still have a healing issue if it wasn't for your product. Thank you!!

Rose V.

Animal Treated: Dog

I got a sample bottle from our greyhound group GPA-Louisville and put it in my first aid kit for the dogs. When Dodge's yearly allergies started up in July he once again licked his hot spot raw. Every other year we have messed with getting this healed up until November or December. This year it healed in less than a week. I'm continuing to spritz it once a day and he is showing no interest in licking it raw again. When our other dog had a hospital stay 2 weeks ago he came home with a large gaping hole in his leg, so after my experience with Dodge I started using Vetericyn on Yancy's boo-boo. It's been 11 days and although not healed yet it is probably 90% healed. I was so excited to find it locally available since the sample bottle had been used up. I highly recommend this product and want to thank Vetericyn for their donation to our group. Without having received that sample bottle I would never have known about this wonderful product.

It will always be a mainstay in my doggie first aid kit due to greyhounds having such thin skin and often getting boo-boos.

Sam T.

Animal Treated: Horse

Riley, my horse, ended up going through a steel plate that was hidden under hay. Ripped a good amount of skin on both legs. We quickly ran cold water on them to try to keep the swelling down and to clear the blood so I could see. Treated it with other topical meds & continued to clean it, then reapply with other meds. Ended up getting infected & smelled awful. So we heard about Vetericyn, ended up getting a bottle. Again we cleaned the wounds thoroughly & applied the spray. In 2 days the swelling was gone & had lost a huge scab where Proud flesh would have formed normally.3 rd day you could not even tell in some spots there was even a cut. I have now used this on my Gelding''s abscess that we have been fighting for months along with thrush in the same foot. So far so good. I'll keep you posted! I will tell everyone about this stuff. LOVE IT!

Alice N.

Animal Treated: Dog

Dog fight resulting in huge bite on dog's neck. Four days after JJ was attacked by another male (over a woman, of course) I wasn't happy with how he was healing. The vet had put him on antibiotics & a wound cleanser. After 2 days proud flesh was starting to slough off. The vet had me add Betadine ointment to the treatment. By day 4 the wound was getting bigger. I researched on the web and after reading the testimonials about Vetericyn I thought, hey, what's to lose. His wound wasn't infected but just getting bigger as the flesh fell away. I stopped the Betadine and started spraying the wound about 4 x a day. Within 5 days I was amazed how much cleaner and healthier the wound appeared AND smaller. On the 10th day I just sprayed twice a day. Now once a day and we're on day 16. The wound is all but healed, hair's growing back etc. What was also amazing is that JJ never objected to being sprayed! And he never licked at his wound. Thank you for such a great product. As a breeder I will NEVER be without it.

Olivia G.

Animal Treated: Horse

My horse, Cloud, develops a skin infection on his face each spring which lasts through the summer. The usual antifungals and medicated gels had no effect and my vet finally tried a systemic antibiotic. This was difficult as Cloud wouldn't eat it in his feed without loading it with honey - not good for his waist line! I had to try to keep him on this until fall every year and the infection never really cleared totally through the season. I had decided to buy Vetericyn at a Clinton Anderson tourthis year, but didn't think to try it on this infection until Cloudy totally refused the antibiotic laced grain, honey or not. I applied Vetericyn twice a day to the affected areas on his forehead and face and was overjoyed to see improvement in 3 days. In 10 days he was totally clear. I cannot say how grateful I am to Clinton and Vetericyn for solving a problem I had almost given up on. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will never be without it and have told my horsey friends to do the same!

Hilde W.

Animal Treated: Horse

Belle Star received a very deep approx. 3 inch long dog bite to her muzzle. Daily care consisted of spraying the wound morning, noon and evening. No other medications used. No initial cleaning was done due to foal being extremely agitated. The wound was closed within 10 days. No proud flesh or other issues.

Golden, a 17 hand mounted patrol horse caught a foot in wire fencing resulting in a large open flesh wound to a heel. The injury wasn't discovered for at least 24 hours. Initial care consisted of water hose to the area until fresh bleeding was visible, spraying the wound with Vetericyn four times daily. No bandages applied no other medications. Within 3 days the wound began to heal from the inside. It has been 2 weeks now. The injury site is clean and looks healthy. No proud flesh developed which was very common on other injuries prior to using Vetericyn.

The horse continues to recover but due to the location of the wound we are dealing with an extended healing time. I love this product and use it liberally on all cuts and scrapes. It has more than proven itself on major injuries and has become a must have first aid and serious care item for our horses, goats, dogs and cats.

Peggy C.

Animal Treated: Dog

Sabine, my Golden Retriever, scratched around her eyes until they were raw and bleeding. I felt comfortable using the Vetericyn so close to her eyes. I covered her eyes with my hand and sprayed generously all over her eyes and face twice a day. Within a week all the bleeding and itching cleared up and she is no longer scratching at her eyes. It has worked well on her hot spots also.

Lynn M.

Animal Treated: Horse

My daughter's appaloosa, Cash, was going through a second round of Pigeon Fever and we decided to give the Vetericyn spray a try on a recommendation from a friend. We used it to flush out the open abscess and it healed in 7 days! Two weeks faster then the traditional methods we used the first time.

My second experience was with our 30 year old Arabian mare Maggie was diagnosed with UVitis. After the round of steroids and antibiotic ointments the eye was still 75% clouded so we started using the Vetericyn and after two weeks she only has a small spot and can see out of that eye again.

Thanks for such an awesome product!

Shyanne E.

Animal Treated: Horse

Gambler is a 6 year old blue roan gelding I rescued from an auction that was severely injured while being ran up the alley to go through the ring. The owner of the horse at the time was planning to shoot him due to the severity of the laceration to his hip. Being the horse lover that I am took a gamble on giving the horse a chance at life and hoping that I could manage to heal up this laceration. I made this decision site un-seen and doubted my abilities at first site of the massive wound to his hip. Willingly the gelding allowed me to catch him in a pen full of horses and managed to walk right into the trailer despite how much pain he was in. When I got him home I was concerned that I bit off more than I could chew since the area was impossible to bandage and sutures were not an option. Well I had seen the Vetericyn commercials on TV and figured I would pick some up the next day and give it a shot. Well I began spraying the wound twice daily and giving a little bute for a few days for pain and swelling. I was a little concerned that I was not doing enough for it but I stuck to the directions and decided to wait it out and see if I noticed a difference. The first 2 weeks I was not convinced I was doing Gambler any good and that I shouldn't have ever made the decision to take him in. But by the third week there was definite progress and I felt confident that eventually the wound may completely close. Needless to say within about 2 months Vetericyn had worked miracles on this wound. I probably went through about 6 bottles total but every dollar was worth it just to know that Gambler was going to be ok and that this product truly does work. Gambler's hip looks amazing and he is completely sound! I am not sure the real reason why Gambler came into my life that day but I am happy to say that he is fully recovered and I have discovered a great product that truly worked magic.

Chrissy C.

Animal Treated: Rabbit

Roger, Our rabbit was attacked by the other rabbit and he had a severe wound on his hip. The hip bone was almost exposed and all I thought to use was Vetericyn. I was honestly shocked as to how well it worked, he was injured so bad i thought he would have to be put down and he is our kids pet so that would of been terrible. I have and will always recommend Vetericyn to anybody.

Noreen B.

Animal Treated: Dog

We have been treating hot spots on Laci every time Allergy season comes around, Spring-Summer. In the winter she is fine, no hot spots. We use to take her to the vet and spend hundreds of dollars on treatments that didn't work. We started treating her ourselves by shaving the area of the hot spots and using wound cleaner (I'm a nurse so I got some from work) and then antibiotic gel. This did help heal them but slowly. I saw Cesar's add for Vetericyn so I ordered it last week and within a few days of using it twice a day, the hot spots are completely gone. Definitely an A+++++ product!

John B.

Animal Treated: Horse

I treated this horse for four weeks with iodine, neosporin, and kept the wound very clean but it would not heal or stop draining. I have treated numerous animals over the years and never was faced with no results. Granted it was a deep wound and I always had better results allowing the wound to close itself. I finally sent my wife to a tractor supply to purchase a bottle because we had good luck from prior usage with rescue horses. After one day of use the wound stopped draining, scabbed over, and rapidly began to heal. At the end of the first week and half the wound was almost completely healed. I am sold on this product.

Sally S.

Animal Treated: Dog

My dog Scrammy races in flyball tournaments. Last month at a tournament a few hours from home he apparently hit the flyball box wrong and when he came back to me there was blood all over the racing mats. We quickly applied some styptic powder to stop the bleeding and wrapped his foot. Wrong weekend to forget my bottle of Vetericyn. I got on my computer to go to the site to find a local retailer that sells Vetericyn. We found the store purchased it and applied it immediately. I was shocked to find that he hadn't broken the toenail, it was completely gone! All that was left was the hole where the toenail was. I kept his foot wrapped and applied Vetericyn once a night for the next week. At the end of the week, I couldn't believe it (although I should have since I have used the product for some time) his toe was pink and healthy looking, except that there was a hole still there of course. I was thrilled and never applied it or wrapped it again. His toenail is growing back and thanks to Vetericyn he barely missed a beat. I tell everyone about your product! Thanks Vetericyn!

Carolyn A.

Animal Treated: Horse

I began treating with Vetericyn on June 22, 2011. The wound was sprayed 3 times a day until July 1, 2011. From July 1st on the wound was sprayed 2 times a day until today July 8th. My horse Tex is my friend of 14 years, he is 26 years old. I do anything to keep him happy and healthy. He gets cuts and scrapes all the time I never worry. Over my 20 years with horses I have used all kinds of ointments. With this wound it was worried. I purchased Veterycin because I thought it would help my horse more than any other product. I was not disappointed! The wound started to look healthier within 24 hours of treatment. I had put a call into my vet, in anticipation of having to have the proud flesh trimmed and antibiotics. In three days of use of Vetericyn the proud flesh had fallen away. The healing continued and to my amazement with very little effort. Having an older horse with a heart murmur anything that causes pain I try to avoid. Vetericyn made the treatment stress free and low pain. I anticipate that given a few more days I can discontinue the use of Vetericyn and the wound that I thought would leave a scar and proud flesh is going to be healed with no trace it ever occurred. The ease of use, the lack of pain and stress to my horse, as well as the speed of healing will bring me back to using Vetericyn again.

Jennifer F.

Animal Treated: Dog

My 11 year old Shih-Tzu, Frosty, had been seeking the vet due to a lot of red eyes and drainage. The vet always gave us medications that never did much good. We now have been using (Vetericyn Animal Ophthalmic Gel). His eyes look great like when he was a young pup. It works fast, and he has quit rubbing at his eyes. Thanks so much Vetericyn!

Jennifer D.

Animal Treated: Chicken

Our two week old chicken got out of the coop and was assaulted by our dog. When I found her, she was in shock. The wound was so bad it seemed here insides were about to come out and she could not walk. We are new chicken owners and I didn't know what to do. I was pretty sure that she wasn't going to make it, but I went to the local feed store anyway to see what could be done. I was so lucky that a Vetericyn representative happened to be there that day. She explained how the product worked and told me what to do. We treated Easter and her healing was amazing! In only a few days, she was able to walk again and get on the roost! At first she was slightly smaller than our other two Australorps, but now at 3 months old she is the same size! The only way I can tell which one is Easter is that she gets scared (after the dog assault) and is the only one who clucks like crazy when I pick her up!! Physically, she is 100%!! I highly recommend this product! I even spray it on the dog! He usually gets an eye infection from pawing the gnats away, but I spray it on his eyes and he has been infection free this summer! Thank You!

Patsi N.

Animal Treated: Dog

Our 2 female greyhounds got into a spat over food and one ripped the skin off the left half of Hilly's face. Initially the emergency Vet tried stitching the skin back on but within 24 hours the wound was full of infection. We brought her to our vet Ben Mays in Clinton AR. He had to do the surgery again and was able to drain the infection but could not save the skin; it had been un-attached too long and had to be removed. We cleaned the wound 3 times a day and added a cream antibiotic. After a week we began using Vetericyn we are now a month later and her face looks fabulous!! This is a great product that I will now keep in the house for our Greyhounds. They have such thin skin and get torn easily, this is the perfect product to have handy. We usually have 3-4 hounds in house at a time.

Kathleen H.

Animal Treated: Dog

On Saturday I started grooming my cock-a-pooh and noticed she had a RAGGING infection in BOTH ears. It was so bad that the ears were hot to the touch and encompassed an area of deep into the ear all the way to the tips of the ear flap. Lucy, who is normally full of energy, was lethargic and in obvious pain. I began administering Vetericyn using a syringe (needle removed) deep into the ear and spraying the outer ear area. By Tuesday the redness was completely gone and Lucy was back to herself. I had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday with the veterinarian; however due to using Vetericyn I was able to cancel the appointment. THANK YOU VETERICYN!

Kathleen P.

Animal Treated: Horse

My mare, Cash, had a laceration, caught leg in twine on large hay bale. Healing Period: Feb 25,2011- April 4,2011. Applied Vetericyn spray-gel twice daily was completely healed in about 5 wks. This mare is a family member and also my barrel racing partner. We won our tenth Trophy Saddle last fall. I wondered if she would be able to compete again. Her leg healed great, with no visible infection and very little scarring. We were back competing in early April and winning. I would highly recommend this product to any animal owners/lovers.

Jay T.

Animal Treated: Dog

Just 7 days of using Vetericyn and our cocker Ben is 90% free of the malassezia yeast on his skin that has plagued him since 2005. I used the spray 2x a day on his legs that were covered in black plaque and spots on his back and neck. I have never seen a product that could do this. All those years of steroids and antibiotics made Ben's immune system shut down. This product is nothing short of a miracle!

Jean W.

Animal Treated: Horse

This Mini horse came to me as a rescue from an ongoing neglect case (I can't send photo's yet) but want you to know this Mini came to me a 1-2 body grade, weak, and with an odor coming from this blown out abscess that would make you vomit. The wound was deep into the jaw, green, stinky, rotten, and blown out the size of a golf ball and huge chronic tissue throughout the area. It was swollen really bad. I began treatment with Vetericyn spray (vet hadn't heard of it but let me go with it) and by day 3 the odor was almost gone, the puss discharge had changed to a healthier puss. The tissue began to get a viable, blood filled, responsive tissue by day 5 and it healed from the inside out without any issues. The wound is now completely sealed in just 3 weeks time. By some, it has been expressed unbelievable healing process and I must agree. This poor animal had no strength and was so sick. Because of the wound response to the medication, I was able to concentrate on nutrition and weight gain. AMAZING

Bruce L.

Animal Treated: Turtle

We had a turtle that has shown up for the last 3 years in the summer. Last summer he got his back "clipped" by the riding lawn mower. I first tried "MediHoney" on him but the ants kept getting on him. I then used spray Vetericyn and healed him in about 3 weeks. It is the greatest thing we have ever used! We keep it all the time!

Jennifer A.

Animal Treated: Sheep

Sprayed Katadin, my sheep (Ewe), once a day for 3 days, then increased to twice a day for 2 days and continuing once a day until completely gone.

The healing began almost immediately by the next day. This was the only spray that did not affect the eyes, so I was excited to find it. Sheep are hard to carry in to see the Vet, so I wanted to treat it myself. I have to lock the sheep in the pen to spray eye area as they are too wild for me to hold down. I use the larger spray bottle as it sprays far enough to get the Vetericyn to the right eye areas.

Kim G.

Animal Treated: Horse

My filly, Taxi, cut left leg above hoof hitting a small blood vessel. After the vets sewed up the vessel and a week of changing dressing and giving antibiotics she had to have surgery to remove dead skin. I kept the leg wrapped for several days after that. On the 3rd week I unwrapped the leg and started doing water therapy. After several days of water therapy I began using Vetericyn. Within 2 days you could see the progress. I continued to use Vetericyn for 2 more weeks with wonderful progress. The cut continued to heal from the inside. After it was completely healed it continued to shrink in size. What was once a huge ugly cut is now the size of a nickel and her hair is growing back. I love this product and will continue to use it. I recently used it on a chicken that dogs caught. Had 3 holes in her back. She is back in the pen and laying eggs again after 2 weeks of Vetericyn applied once a day.

Linda L.

Animal Treated: Horse

My young horse, Duke, had developed warts on his nose. He had very ugly cluster of 5. I read on the web that it might take several weeks to clear up the virus. I used Vetericyn for 5 days and totally cleared them up. Thank you Vetericyn. I tell all my horse friends they need it in their barn. I swear by the product and would not use anything else.

Paula B.

Animal Treated: Horse

Our horse, Julia, had a deep skin and muscle tear. Our vet stitched up the would with in 2 days it was very infected. The stitches did not hold due to swelling. It was oozing pus. We started spraying inside would and it showed improvement the very next day. It was closing and healing with in 3 days.

Our vet did not think much of the product but our horses progress changed his mind

Lex H.

Animal Treated: Horse

Our horse, Popeye had a 1 1/2 inch tumor in left eye and we sprayed Vetericyn in the horse's eye 1 time daily. Veterinarian removed the tumor twice. In between times we sprayed daily, once a day with Vetericyn. The tumor grew back slightly, but with continued use with Vetericyn, the tumor completely disappeared and the horse's eye is fine. No antibiotics were used at all. We are sorry there are no pictures, but the veterinarian told us that it was useless and the horse's eye would never heal and the horse would either lose its eye or be blind; so, we did not see the need in pictures. Gladly, this was not the case!

Laurel R.

Animal Treated: Horse

This 15 y.o. mare has been treated with various products from my vet for the last three years. Although some improvement was noted initially with each product, this mare's eye was never completely clear from a discharge that attracted flies and caused her to frequently rub her eye. After using the Vetericyn, her eye was completely free from any discharge and her eye rubbing has totally ceased. I LOVE this stuff and I must tell you that this is the first time in 58 years that I have ever expressed my total satisfaction with a product. I now use the spray and gel on all of my horses and cats with complete satisfaction. I am happy with the results and the animals are relieved to be treated with a product that does not hurt them.

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