The Chemistry of Vetericyn VF Plus

Using a proprietary and non-cytotoxic formulation of oxychlorine compounds, Vetericyn VF Plus can be used to moisten, clean and debride acute and chronic wounds without harming healthy tissue. One of the effective oxychlorine compounds, hypochlorous acid, has been employed in the unique formulation of Vetericyn VF Plus. Vetericyn VF Plus products assist in the mechanical removal of cellular debris, senescent cells, necrotic tissue, and foreign material from the skin and wound surface through debridement. Wounds that are clean, well maintained, and moist have shown faster healing than wounds left on their own.

Wound Care Applications:

Acute and chronic wounds

Partial and full thickness wounds

Abrasions and abscesses

1st & 2nd degree burns

Post-surgical wounds

Grafted mesh, pinch, punch, strip and donor sites

Stage I-IV skin ulcerations

Minor lacerations and cuts

Dermal cleansing and flushing

Wound irrigation and debridement

Moistening and lubricating wound dressings

Reducing wound odors

Dermatologic Application:

Skin rashes

Allergy sites

Fecal or urine contact skin irritations

Feather picking related irritations

Hot spots