The Plus Difference

Safe & Effective Animal Wound & Dermatology Products

Vetericyn® VF Plus products contain no steroids or antibiotics and are non-toxic. Available in both a liquid and hydrogel formulation, Vetericyn VF Plus is a critical step in wound management, dermatologic irritations, and ophthalmic and otic ailments.

Optimal concentration of Plus hypochlorous technology

All products have a shelf stability of 24 months

Available in an Ophthalmic Wash and Otic Rinse

In solution, microbial inhibition effectiveness of 99.99999% against a broad range of micro-organisms

Liquid and hydrogel spray provides an optimal wound healing environment for cleaning, irrigating, and prepping the wound bed

Vetericyn® VF Plus
No ocular irritation
No oral toxicity
No skin irritation - pH-balanced
No antibiotics, steroids, alcohol, iodine or tea tree oil

Vetericyn® VF Plus
Does not contain household bleach or boric acid
Trusted and used in over 30 Countries
Vetericyn offers the most comprehensive line of hypochlorous technology
Manufactured in FDA registered facility and compliant to ISO 9001, ISO 13485CAN/CSA - ISO 13485:03 and CMDR SOR/98-282.