Vetericyn Plus Utility Spray


Vetericyn Plus Utility Spray

Vetericyn Plus Utility Spray is an all-purpose wound cleansing care solution for livestock application. Quick, easy and effective, this product can be used for tail head sores, ear tagging, cracked and damaged teats, general wounds, or any sensitive areas that commonly become irritated. This product contains no antibiotics or steroids and will not sting or burn. From your home to the farm or ranch, Vetericyn makes caring for your livestock simple and easy.

Why use Utility Spray versus gel?

Vetericyn Plus Utility Spray is a one-step liquid solution for cleaning, irrigating, debriding and moisturizing wounds, lacerations, abscesses and sores. This non-rinse solution is non-toxic and easy to apply.

Would Utility Gel work better for you?


Available in 16 fl oz, 473 ml spray (shown)