Vetericyn Partners

Cesar Millan – Cesar’s Way

Known internationally as The Dog Whisperer, animal behaviorist Cesar Millan is the go-to expert when it comes to training canines. His current show, “Cesar 911” can be seen on Nat Geo Wild. Vetericyn began working with Cesar in 2010, supporting Cesar’s training events and providing product for all the animals at the Dog Psychology Center.

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The hardest thing for me as a pack leader is seeing one of my dogs get hurt. This is why I keep Vetericyn on hand – I believe in working with Mother Nature, not against her. The science behind Vetericyn Plus is safe – and I wouldn’t trust anything else on my dogs.
Cesar Milan
I had a two-year-old filly with an eight-inch gash on her rib cage. It was a real nasty wound. I sprayed Vetericyn on it three times a day. After 30 days, I was amazed at how that wound healed up – there was no scarring, the hair grew back, and you couldn’t even tell there had been a wound. It’s a phenomenal product that I use on all my animals.
Clinton Anderson

Clinton Anderson – Downunder Horsemanship

Born and raised in Australia, Clinton Anderson grew up with a love for horses. Today, he instructs horsemanship clinics, presents Walkabout Tours, produces an award-winning television show, and is constantly creating comprehensive study kits and training tools to make learning horsemanship as accessible and easy as possible. Vetericyn works with Clinton and his team to provide Vetericyn products at clinics and tour events, and to help educate the No Worries Club members on how to keep their horses healthy.

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World Vets

World Vets is a nonprofit organization that develops, implements and manages international veterinary and disaster relief programs to help animals, educate people, and have a positive impact on communities.  Its work spans 36 countries on six continents. Vetericyn has been a partner of World Vets for years, providing support and products for World Vets trips and disaster relief efforts.

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Vetericyn is our gold standard when it comes to wound care. We’ve used it on everything from working donkeys in Tanzania to puppies displaced by the earthquake in Haiti. Our volunteer vets and vet techs are huge fans of the products.
Dr. Cathy King World Vets Founder and CEO
It takes time to build up trust with a wild mustang. If an animal gets a bite, scratch or wound, our trainers turn to Vetericyn. The spray nozzle lets them apply product to the wound without getting too close or spooking the animal. We value our partnership with Vetericyn and appreciate all they do to help us care for mustangs.
Kali Sublett Executive Director

Mustang Heritage Foundation/Extreme Mustang Makeover

The Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF) mission is to increase adoption of wild horses held in the Bureau of Land Management’s corrals and long-term holding facilities. Through events like the Extreme Mustang Makeover, the MHF showcases the beauty, versatility and trainability of these rugged horses. Vetericyn supports MHF events and provides product for trainers and those who adopt the mustangs.

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The United States War Dogs Association – Chapter 1

The United States War Dogs Association Inc.- Chapter 1 is an all-volunteer organization that provides critical care and comfort for military working dogs and their handlers during and after deployment. The Association strives to ensure that no dog/handler team will suffer injury or loss due to the lack of needed supplies. Vetericyn provides wound and skin care products for the group, which supports more than 5,000 dog and handler teams, most of whom are currently deployed.

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Our war dogs deserve the best, so we send Vetericyn to their handlers. It works wonders on wounds and skin irritations, and the eye wash really helps flush debris and dust, which really helps the canines that are deployed in desert areas.
Gail Snyder Executive Director of United States War Dogs Inc. Chapter 1 Western Region