Vetericyn VF Product Line

Vetericyn® VF Plus Line

Vetericyn VF Plus is a next-generation wound and skin care solution designed to improve all phases of wound healing. This pH balanced solution is used for cleansing, irrigating and debriding wounds, which sets the stage for optimal healing conditions and provides an advanced alternative to saline solution. Vetericyn VF Plus can only be acquired by professionals and veterinarians and cannot be had OTC.

Wound & Skin
Care Liquid

Vetericyn VF Plus liquid products are an advanced alternative to other topical agents. The liquid solution is an excellent choice for moistening wound dressings.

Wound & Skin

Vetericyn VF Plus Wound & Skin Hydrogel is designed to adhere to the site of application, creating an extra layer or barrier for the wound bed.


Vetericyn VF Plus Otic Rinse is a safe way to clean and maintain the outer ear and canal of dirt and debris build-up that commonly causes ear ailments or problems.


Vetericyn VF Plus Ophthalmic solution is specially formulated for use in and around the eye. Ocular irritation studies prove Vetericyn VF Plus to be completely safe.

What Others Are Saying About Our Livestock Care Products

We have a show pig for FFA. It had an abscess in its neck which resulted in a “wedge” being removed from his neck. We were very concerned about h the pig being ready in time for show and about cleanliness of the affected area. The liquid product was absolutely amazing! I first tried the gel, but after calling the Vetericyn company, I was told to use the liquid and could not be happier with the results! He is completely well with a minimal scar and the hair regrew in the area! Cannot stop singing the praises of this product!

Kerrie Houston Texas
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Vetericyn® VF Plus can only be acquired by professionals and veterinarians and cannot be purchased OTC.
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