3 Summer Cat Care Tips

3 summer cat care tips

Here are three things to think about when caring for your cat during these hot summer months.

We asked our resident veterinarian, Dr. Mindy Mayfield-Davis, to come up with some summer tips for our cat-loving customers. Here are three things she recommends all cat owners think about when caring for their cat during summer (and all year round).

1. Heat

Just like other animals (and humans), the hot summer temperatures can be dangerous for cats. If your cat enjoys outdoor time, plan his outings for the cooler times of day and catnaps for the hottest period. Always be sure there is fresh, cool water, and if your cat travels with you, never leave him in the vehicle, temperatures inside can reach dangerous levels very quickly.


2. Stress

Cats are often more prone to anxiety than dogs. In summer months owners are often traveling more which may require the cat to be boarded. Different people, different environments, and general changes in routine can be very upsetting for some cats. If you do board your cat, leaving an item from home can help keep him calm. There are also many pheromones, supplements, and medications that have been shown to help relieve stress. If your cat tends to have anxiety problems speak to your veterinarian about available options.


3. Parasites

Parasites can be a problem all year long but tend to be worse during spring and summer. Fleas cause skin irritation which can develop into severe sores and may also cause tapeworm infestation.  Ticks can carry diseases which can be fatal. Intestinal parasites will rob your cat of essential nutrition and may develop into serious health problems. Mosquitos are not only a nuisance but can transmit heart worms, which may be rare in cats but is often fatal. Be sure to protect your cat from these parasites by using a topical or oral preventative.


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