Groomers to the Rescue! Winners Announced


Yay! We’re happy to announce the winners of this year’s Groomers to the Rescue! contest:

Katie Polczinski from Green Bay, WI groomed Shirley
Yvonne Steeves from Saint John, NB groomed Louis
Casey Mabardy from Brookline, MA groomed Sable
Rachel Grant from Woodmere, NY groomed Kia
Bonnie Rodgers from Cleveland, OH groomed Fergus(First Place Winner)

Each groomer took the time out of their busy schedules to go partner with a local rescue, groom one or multiple dogs that were currently up for adoption and give them a makeover. This effort was to help each dog increase their chances of getting adopted and finding a new loving home.

Congratulations to each of you and thank you to all of the groomers who participated in this contest!