Vetericyn Super 7+ Navel Dip

Super 7+ Navel Dip

Super 7+ Navel Dip is an umbilical cord dry-out and protective solution for newborn animals. Super 7+ Navel Dip is formulated with ingredients that are safe for animals and the environment. This effective and completely safe formula has been developed strictly for the purpose of animal umbilical cord dry-out and protection and is proven to dry down the umbilical up to 30% faster than the competition.

Features & Benefits:

  • Effective alternative to 7% tincture of iodine
  • Ultra-quick umbilical cord dry down
  • Dyed solution for rapid identification
  • Safe for the animal and the environment
  • Can be used on animals whose umbilical cords were torn off at birth
  • Non-flammable and non-corrosive
  • No special shipping or handling requirements
  • No toxic fumes

Want to know more? Read our Super 7+ Navel Dip FAQs.


Available in 1 Gallon jug 128 fl oz (shown), 16 fl oz 473ml trigger spray (shown), and 55 gallon drum configuration